Tuesday, 15 August 2017

If it's Not Ashwood Leather, Catwalk Collection Handbags, Gigi or Visconti then it's not The Real Handbag Shop!

It's always very flattering when other companies around the world try to trade on our good name! However, the quality is dubious at best, whilst the reviews are almost certainly too good to be true. So how can you be sure that you're buying a genuine, high quality, leather product from the genuine The Real Handbag Shop?

If it's not Ashwood Leather, Catwalk Collection Handbags, Gigi or Visconti then it's not 
The Real Handbag Shop!

If it's sold outside the UK or Europe, then it's not 
The Real Handbag Shop!

If the adverts have poor spellings in English, German, Italian or Spanish, then it's not 
The Real Handbag Shop!

Buy with confidence from the following online outlets:

We only sell products from reputable manufacturers where we can be assured of good quality craftsmanship for our valued customers. We offer a minimum of 12 months guarantee on all products that we sell and we have an excellent Customer Service Team to assist with After Sales. Why would you want to buy anywhere else?

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Leather Purses by Catwalk Collection Handbags - Highly Recommend!

4 out of 5 stars

Highly Recommend!
By Beewoman
Colur: Black/Brown

Bought purse in black, so it would more or less go with any of my catwalk bags. Arrived beautifully boxed, so would make a lovely present! Very posh and classy looking, too. Love the leather and purse does the job does the job. Highly recommend!

Which Catwalk Collection purse is this reviewer talking about?  Click on the link to find out...

Catwalk Collection Handbags - Simply Irresistable!

5 out of 5 stars
By Beewoman
Colour: Brown

Verified Purchase
Simply Irresistible!

Arrived before date advised. Well packaged. Happy on that front! Once unpacked I was/am very happy with the bag. Love the colour (sumptuous brown). Love the leather. Love the cat, and bead, signature. Love the straps/handles. Love studs on bag base. Love the interior space. Simply love it!

Which Catwalk Collection handbag is this reviewer talking about?  Click on the link to find out... 

Who loves Catwalk Collection Handbags? The Real (Leather) Handbag Shop UK

5 out of 5 stars
By Beewoman
Colour: Brown

Verified Purchase
Fell in love with bag, as I have with so many in the Catwalk Collection. Bought it in brown and it is a beautiful shade. Lovely long strap, that can be adjusted. Fittings match beautifully. Charms, as always, set it off. Had it in my Wishlist, and wasn't sure if I should buy it or not. So pleased I did! Bit smaller than I had hoped for, but never checked the measurements. Nevertheless, the leather is lovely and, although I haven't used it as yet, I love it. So glad I didn't delete it from list. Simply love it! x

Which Catwalk Collection handbag is this reviewer talking about?  Click on the link to find out...

I absolutely love this bag! Catwalk Collection Handbags UK

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Another Love It!
By Beewoman
Colour: Dark Blue 

Verified Purchase 
I absolutely love this bag! After reading reviews, having it in My Wish List, for ages, I took the plunge and bought it in blue. So glad I did - Colour is good. Leather is beautiful. Body fit is so comfortable. Charms are an added bonus. Spacious. Just in love with it, as I am with the other Catwalk bags purchased. So much so, that I cleared my wardrobe of any bag that was not Catwalk, and passed them on to friends/family who were more than happy to take them off my hands!

Just can't get enough of them and have 4 more waiting to be financed...Never been disappointed with Catwalk and highly recommend company and products. Treat yourself! 

Which Catwalk Collection handbag is this reviewer talking about?  Click on the link to find out...

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Handbags UK / Designer / Leather / The Real Handbag Shop

Enjoy that new handbag feeling with designer bags, satchels and clutches, from backpacks, tote bags, shoulder bags to soft-as-you-like leather handbags. The Real (Leather) Handbag Shop sells handbags with an ideal fashion design for chic women. There are exclusive handbags from the fashion house of Catwalk Collection Handbags and limited edition handbags from the fashion house of Gigi. The Real Handbag Shop is a British company. Prices start from just £29.95 (Lena small crossbody bag by Catwalk Collection Handbags).

Leather Handbags at The Real Handbag Shop Online


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

HOW TO Protect Leather Handbags in the Summer Season!

There’s nothing more satisfying than buying a brand new gorgeous leather handbag for the new summer season. If you’ve spent a lot of money on a new handbag, you’ll want it to last. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to damage. Always protect your handbag from adverse weather conditions and follow these handy tips for a carefree summer.

Handy Care Tips from The Real Handbag Shop!

Don’t leave your handbag in direct sunlight as it can cause the colour to fade and damage the leather.

Do dry your handbag with a soft dry cloth immediately if it gets wet.

Don’t wear light coloured handbags with dark clothing as the dye from clothing may run and transfer to your handbag damaging the colour or vice versa.

Don’t hold your handbag if you’ve just applied hand cream or lotion as this will leave grease stains at best and remove the colour dye of your handbag at worst.

 Buy Summer Handbags @realhandbagshop.co.uk

Monday, 15 May 2017

Leather Handbags and Leather Purses by Gigi UK - The New Season!

Gigi has produced some of the very finest leather handbags and purses for generations. Its popularity stems from the fact that it never compromises on quality nor skimps on design. Any discerning buyer can instantly recognise and appreciate the product’s value straight away. Gigi products speak for themselves; they have an immediate and visually sensory appeal. 

The authentic top quality Gigi signature product lines have positively delighted customers throughout the UK and Europe for decades. Gigi customers know that they are guaranteed an unbeatable combination of both value and quality. The company is ever mindful of the changing requirements of today’s technology, such as mobile phones, when it comes to handbag design and checking those little details such as banknote size, when creating a coin purse, in order to produce the perfect product for the end consumer.

The Real Handbag Shop believes that the benefits of natural, genuine leather products far outweigh the cheaper synthetics. A genuine leather product will last much longer and give pleasure for years to come. Genuine leather has the ability to grab the senses and is more evocative of luxury.

To keep the Gigi brand at the top of its game, certain core ranges will always form the foundation whilst new season stock adds a dynamic and interesting option. All Gigi products have a distinctive look and feel; shapes and designs are always timeless classics.

Cross-body bags are perhaps the most popular designs at present, along with mid-sized totes and handbags suited to the travelling lady. Purses are always best-sellers. Ladies buy purses in the same way they buy watches, an essential accessory but one that demonstrates their own personal style.

You can see Gigi’s new season handbags and purses online and read reviews from customers sharing real experiences. Buy with confidence from The Real Handbag Shop on Amazon for delivery throughout the UK and Europe.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Bank Holiday Sales! May Day Bargains! Real Leather Handbags!

May Day Bank Holiday at The Real Handbag Shop

We’re all getting ready to enjoy the next UK Bank Holiday. May Day itself falls on the 1st May and the first Monday thereafter is chosen as a Bank Holiday. Tradition dictates that we partake in May Day festivities with Morris Dancing, children skipping around a May Pole and the crowning of a new May Queen. May Day marks the start of summer and many villages across the UK hold fetes and family fun activities.

Real Leather Handbags from just £29.95

Most May Day traditions in the UK originate from Anglo-Saxon and Celtic traditions, particularly the Gaelic festival of Beltane which translates as ‘the return of the sun’. Fires were lit to promote purification and fertility and people danced around the flames. 

Buy real leather handbags at bargain prices from

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Celebrating St George's Day in Style - Leather Handbags

St George's Day is England's national day and is celebrated on April 23 each year. St George is England’s patron saint. Legend has it that St George slayed a dragon and saved a princess from death. What a guy!

St George was a Christian martyr and represents traditional English chivalry and bravery. The strange but true fact is that he wasn't actually English at all and probably never set foot in England’s green and pleasant land. Never-the-less, the English adopted him and made him the symbol of the nation.

St George was thought to have been born in Cappadocia, the area now known as Turkey, in around the year 280. He was a well-respected soldier in the Roman army. However, he protested against the Emperor’s persecution of Christians and was later imprisoned, tortured, paraded through the streets and finally beheaded in Palestine on April 23, 303. He stayed loyal to his faith throughout. 

Red and White Leather Handbags

 In 1222 the Council of Oxford declared April 23rd to be St George’s Day but it wasn’t until 1348 that St George became the Patron Saint of England.

St George's red cross emblem on a white background was adopted by Richard The Lion Heart and brought to England in the 12th century. The king's soldiers wore it on their uniforms during battle to avoid confusion. This symbol has carried on as England's flag and forms part of the Union Jack, the flag of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

In 1415, St George’s Day was declared a national feast day and holiday in England and was celebrated in grand style, much like we celebrate Christmas today. In the 18th century celebrations waned after England united with Scotland in 1707. Nowadays, people go to work as normal and the day is largely ignored.

In recent years there has been a campaign to make the day a national holiday in England again. However, a report in 2012 found that each bank holiday costs Britain £2.4bn in lost work so there is an argument against establishing another official day off. Campaigners argue for an extra day’s holiday as Ireland gets a bank holiday for St Patrick’s Day and Scotland gets a day off for St Andrew’s Day.

Regardless, some passionate English fans mark the day across the country with parades and dancing, flag waving and displaying the Red Rose, England's national flower, on their lapels. Pubs and Restaurants usually get into the spirit of the day.

So did St George really fight a dragon? The fairytale of St George and the dragon has captivated millions of children over the years. Legend says that the town of Silene in Libya used to be guarded by a ferocious dragon. In order to get water, residents had to offer a sacrifice each day, chosen by the townsfolk. One day, they agreed to offer their princess up for sacrifice. On the day she was due to be killed, a knight from the Crusades came riding by on his white horse, dismounted, drew his sword and killed the dragon, saving her life. It’s said that as a mark of their gratitude to St George the people of Silene apparently converted to Christianity.

St George is not even exclusively England’s patron saint. His iconography and coat of arms can be found on flags in countries and cities across the world. Places including Portugal, Lithuania, Romania, Germany, Greece, Istanbul and Ethiopia also celebrate him.
In Britain, St George has also inspired medals for bravery. During the Second World War, King George VI established the George Cross, the highest such award that a civilian can earn. The George Medal is second behind it. Both medals depict the patron saint on horseback slaying the dragon.

St George's flag is always present at English football, cricket and rugby matches and waved by millions of patriotic supporters.

Celebrate St George's Day in style with red and white leather handbags

Thursday, 13 April 2017

3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas LEATHER

The wedding anniversary is an important occasion and is often celebrated in style. Couples are reminded of their marital commitment and a lot of effort often goes into choosing the perfect gift that will have special meaning for the recipient.

Third wedding anniversary gifts are traditionally made of leather and at The Real Handbag Shop there are oodles of fabulous His ‘n Hers leather products to choose from. 

3rd Anniversary Gift Ideas
For Him, a lush new leather wallet, a handsome leather messenger bag or a smart new leather briefcase make absolutely fabulous gifts that mean such a lot. If you’re travelling to celebrate, a brand new leather wash & shaving bag or, a luxury leather weekend bag would be great ideas.

For Her, how about an unforgettable surprise gift such as a pretty new leather purse or, a beautiful new leather handbag in her favourite colour. Alternatively, a stylish bag for work shows the world just how much you love her!

Traditional Anniversary Gift List
Browse great leather gift ideas at realhandbagshop.co.uk

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Spring Season: Handbags, Purses, Briefcases, Messenger Bags and Wallets

The Real Handbag Shop, a UK based retailer, has reported an increase in revenue of 20 percent on sales for 2016. This is partly due to expansion in Spain, following previous successes in Italy, France and Germany. Although production schedules were increased by our most popular brand Catwalk Collection Handbags, a surge in demand saw stock run out again for the fifth consecutive year running. New stock for the Spring Season is a welcome sight, with many of the depleted products now back in stock but if sales continue to rise at such a rapid pace, it is inevitable that some of our valued customers will be disappointed before the year is out. When it comes to Catwalk Collection Handbags, our advice is to buy early and don’t wait until the last minute.

The manufacturers of Gigi handbags have researched and developed new and exciting leathers for this year. Strong sales have reinforced the company’s policy of excellent retailer support and partnership which is backed up with superb Customer Service. The new designs are innovative, functional and fashionable. We’ve seen them and we can’t wait to hear what our female customers think.

The Real Handbag Shop is currently in collaboration with Ashwood to produce the next generation of bag designs for men. We have listened to our male customers, what functionality they want from a bag, how it should look, how it should feel and perhaps, most importantly, what it should cost at the end of the day. The latest designs will be ready to roll out for the Autumn Season. We hope you’ll love the new designs as much as we do.

This is such an exciting time for The Real Handbag Shop as there are so many goodies lined up for our customers this year. Even Visconti is getting in on the act with a series of new bags, folders and wallets to house the latest gadgets and technology.

Prices range from £15.95 to £164.99. To view all the products we sell, please visit our website http://www.realhandbagshop.co.uk/

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day - Leather Handbags with Heart Bag Charms!

Valentine’s Day on the 14th February, is the most romantic day of the year. It is but a fleeting holiday of love, passion and desire. For the young there is the excitement and adventure of new love. For the older generations there is nostalgia and fond affection. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to ignite existing relationships and indulge in new ones. A touch of romance can result in stronger, longer lasting and more satisfying relationships.

Gigi Leather Handbags with Heart Keyrings

For some lovely gift ideas for her, try the Gigi range of leather purses and leather handbags from realhandbagshop.co.uk. Each handbag comes with a FREE LEATHER HEART SHAPED KEYRING/BAG CHARM. What better way to declare your love for your lady!

Delivery is free in the UK and at reduced prices throughout Europe.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

JANUARY SALES! The Best Picks! Leather Bags, Handbags, Purses & Wallets #Travel #Business #Leisure

Some January Sales are a waste of time, effort and money but not the one by The Real Handbag Shop. Sale items here are genuine reductions of the good stuff, not specially bought in cheap products or, Christmassy things. Here is our pick of the best:

The January Sale is Now On!
100s of Leather Bags, Handbags, Purses, Wallets, Work and Travel Bags ON SALE!
Just click on the link below to start shopping for absolute BARGAINS...

Friday, 6 January 2017

Men’s Travel Luggage – The Style Guide

Upgrade your travel style with one of these gorgeous designer luggage products by Ashwood. It goes without saying that when you’re staying in a 5* hotel you undoubtedly want 5* leather luggage to match. Ashwood specialise in leather luggage, travel bags, briefcases, laptop cases and even make little luxury accessories, such as wash bags and shaving bags, too. 
Ashwood Leather Luggage - Cruise

 Fashionable jet setters love the Ashwood luxury leather goods label and it’s easy to see why.  Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, you can find your perfect travel companion from one of the luxury leather collections by Ashwood. From handsome and rugged, to smooth and sophisticated, there’s a leather style to suit most discerning gentlemen.
Ashwood Leather Luggage - 5*Hotels

Classic travel must-haves include the iconic Great British Gladstone design, a luxury bag with timeless aesthetic. Handmade from full grain vegetable-tanned leather by skilled craftsmen, this robust leather Gladstone bag is an investment piece that will improve with age.

Ashwood Gladstone Bag - Globetrotting

Cabin sized bags can be carried onto aircraft as hand luggage and Ashwood’s leather holdalls are specifically designed to meet hand luggage criteria. These leather travel bags are particularly convenient for hopping on and off flights without having to check in a larger suitcase; perfect for short business trips or weekends away.

Ashwood Holdalls and Messenger Bags - Short Business Trips

 All Ashwood Luxury Leather Goods are available from