Monday, 12 December 2016

Do Men Really Buy Women Handbags For Their Own Secret Use?

Have you ever noticed that men often buy their female partners a gift that they can make use of themselves? The latest DVD is probably one that he will enjoy, too. That box of chocolates no doubt has some of his favourites inside. One big brother bought his music-loving little sister an electric guitar as her present; she was absolutely overjoyed with such a fantastic gift until she realised that it got ‘borrowed’ every time his band wanted to practise, which was virtually every evening!
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So when a guy buys his beloved a handbag as a gift, you might think that this is for her pleasure alone. Think again! If he’s not raiding the contents of her handbag for a pocket mirror and comb (his hair is always more important than yours), then he’s smuggled his reading glasses into one of the compartments and you find you have acquired his mobile phone as well as his car keys. Could you just carry this for me, sweetheart?

When you’re out shopping, he manages to find a new gadget and wants to take a note of the price and style number. Either that or he spots a famous celebrity over the road and wants their autograph! Have you got a pen handy? Le voila! Only to find out he has nothing to write on. You then produce a mini notepad from your handbag.

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Someone walks past in the street with a Dobermann. He hasn’t seen one of these since he was a child and just has to go and say hello. The dog jumps up and slobbers all over his face and licks his hands. It’s just as well you are carrying tissues, wet wipes and hand sanitiser in your handbag for his use. And let’s face it, even if he didn’t meet a slobbery dog, he’d find some other excuse to get his hands dirty.

It starts raining, you get your folded umbrella out of your handbag and, well it would be mean not to share it! When you get back to the car, he has a headache. You present him with a small bottle of water and some paracetamol. You also have plasters for emergencies.

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You might recognise this scenario, too. You’re off to visit friends. He’s been waiting for you to get ready for ages and hassling you to speed up as otherwise, you’ll be late. Once in the car and on the way, he suddenly declares he has forgotten to brush his teeth. It’s a good job you have chewing gum (or mints) in your handbag.

So when a guy buys you a handbag as a gift, it’s really for his use, too!

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