Monday, 26 September 2016

Product Reviews for Amazon UK in Exchange for Rewards! Bribary and Manipulation or Good Honest Feedback?

A dubious proposition:

'Hi The Real Handbag Shop,

I hope you don’t mind me contacting you.

I’m from a company that specializes in getting sales and honest product reviews for Amazon UK businesses. The sales boost keyword ranking while the reviews boost conversion rate. Everything’s done ethically and in accordance with Amazon’s Terms of Service.

We work with many sellers similar to The Real Handbag Shop.

You appear to be a good fit for our solution also. Would you be interested in having a quick phone call?

Best Regards,
A Review Network.'

The Real Handbag Shop on Amazon UK - click on the image to enlarge.

Dear Review Network,

Actually, we do mind you contacting us.

To be perfectly honest, it sounds like you need us, or more specifically, our valuable leather products, more than we need you.

We have looked at your website and it contains mostly moisturisers and vitamins but very few exciting products such as high quality leather handbags. And let’s face it, which would your freebie-seeking customers rather have, a lush leather laptop bag or a pot of fancy cream?

So what’s in it for us? An honest Amazon UK Review? Whilst genuine reviews from genuine customers are valuable assets for any online business, reviews exchanged for rewards such as free or even discounted products are not going to reflect the true views of any genuine buyer. For example, at £5, a leather handbag worth £50 is excellent value for money and a fabulous bargain but at £50, you’re getting what you pay for. And Amazon customers are not stupid. They see a ‘fake’ review gushing forth about every miniscule detail of the product, trivial or otherwise, for what it is; a weak attempt at marketing in an effort to persuade a prospective customer that the product is better than it really is. It therefore follows that if a product needs a ‘fake’ review in order to sell, rather than being able to stand up in the marketplace on its own, then perhaps it really isn’t worth having.

The Real Handbag Shop is proud to have grown and developed from a small family run business in co-operation with respected suppliers of the high quality, much sought-after leather bags and handbags that we sell online; Catwalk Collection Handbags, Gigi, Ashwood and Visconti. We have built our good reputation over a long period of time. We have made it our policy neither to discount nor to give our stock away for free in exchange for biased reviews. All the reviews you see in association with The Real Handbag Shop are real. They come from genuine buyers who have paid a realistic price for a real leather product that meets with British standards of quality. If you want to see proof of a genuine Amazon review, then just look for the wording, ‘Verified Purchase’ alongside the name of the reviewer, which indicates that a purchase from the Amazon website actually took place. This obviously doesn’t take into account where a person has received the product as a birthday or Christmas gift and there may be other genuine exceptions but at least you will know that these are genuine reviews you can be sure of and not some wishy-washy meaningless babble trying to hoodwink you.

In the long run, I predict that such tactics will eventually damage the hard earned integrity of Amazon. Already, their customers are becomming suspicious of Amazon reviews because they make it hard to judge which products are actually any good and which are not. This means that ultimately, customers have to spend a lot of time checking to see which reviews have been favourably given in exchange for a free or discounted product and which have come from a genuine purchaser who is giving an unbiased opinion. If Amazon customers haven’t got the time to trawl through pages and pages of reviews to assimilate the useful information from the dubious, it wouldn’t surprise me if they just gave up and went shopping elsewhere, which would be a terrible shame.

So, Mr Review Network, in answer to your question, no, I would not be interested in having a quick phone call with you.

Best Regards,
The Real Handbag Shop.

An example of real reviews - click on the image to enlarge.
 The Real Handbag Shop - treating customers with the respect they deserve!

An example of a favourable review given in exchange for a reward.
Click on the image to enlarge.
 Bribary and manipulation or good honest feedback?
What do you think?

And finally, what Amazon actually says!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

AUTUMN SEASON #Fashion #Handbags #Shopping

When is the first day of autumn? Well, it all depends on whether you are referring to the astronomical autumn, the meteorological autumn or the autumn season for fashion.

Meteorological Autumn is a fixed date which is used by meteorologists for consistent spacing and lengths of the seasons. The meteorological seasons consists of splitting the seasons into four periods made up of three months each. This coincides with our Gregorian calendar making it easier for weather forecasting and to compare seasonal and monthly statistics. The seasons are defined as Spring (March, April, May), Summer (June, July, August), Autumn (September, October, November) and Winter (December, January, February). The meteorological autumn therefore begins on the 1st September and ends on the 30th November.
Faith by Catwalk Collection Handbags

Astronomical Autumn is defined by the Earth's axis and orbit around the sun. In early January the sun is closest to the earth (known as perihelion) and in early July it is most distant (aphelion), creating two equinoxes (spring and autumn) and two solstices (summer and winter) each year. On the autumn equinox, day and night are of roughly equal length. As winter approaches the nights will become increasingly longer than the days until the spring equinox when the pattern is reversed. The autumn equinox marks the time of year when the northern hemisphere begins to tilt away from the sun resulting in less direct sunlight and cooler temperatures. The dates of the equinoxes and solstices are not fixed due to the elliptical orbit of the sun.
Astronomical Seasons for 2016 by the Met Office

Autumn Season for Fashion generally refers to the six month period from July to December and includes winter. Spring Season covers the remaining six months from January to June and includes summer. Each season has its own colours and palettes. The Autumn Season sees products ready for the back-to-school, college and university shopping period and stock arriving on a daily basis to cater for Christmas purchases. As the autumn nights draw in, shoppers gravitate naturally to colours that reflect the mood of the season. The falling leaves from deciduous trees gives inspiration to dark greens, browns and ambers, burgundy reds and burnt oranges or tans. The dark colours of black and navy come into their own.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Shopping for a new black leather handbag? Try and pick just one from the delectable range by Catwalk Collection Handbags; it’s impossible! And once you’ve succumbed to one, it won’t be long before you’re back for another! You can thoroughly enjoy that new handbag feeling with catwalk inspired designs of satchels, cross-body bags, shoulder bags, tote bags, work bags and laptop bags. There are chic leather bags for the office, smart leather totes for the workplace and soft leather bags for leisure.


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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

BACK TO SCHOOL and time to buy a new SATCHEL #NotForKids #CanterburyTales

BACK TO SCHOOL and time to buy a new satchel, only this one’s not for the kids! Yes, it’s a leather satchel and yes it comes in outrageously girly colours such as purple and lime green but it’s far too good for the school playground. This one indulges the secret childhood cravings of the adult female, igniting her senses with a totally gorgeous looking satchel to satisfy her inner St Trinian’s schoolgirl.

The Canterbury Satchel by Catwalk Collection Handbags is named after Chaucer’s famous tales of medieval misadventures with deliciously entertaining stories of love, romance and trickery. Dating back to the 14th century the Canterbury Tales is revered as one of the most important works in English Literature and is written in Middle English.

Celebrate the kids going back to school and buy yourself a little treat for the workplace