Wednesday, 13 July 2016

How To Rain Proof Your Leather Bags and Leather Handbags

Leather bags and leather handbags do not like to get wet. This doesn't just apply to cheap leather bags but the very expensive ones, too! In fact, moisture of any kind can cause the natural dyes in the leather to run, or leave unsightly damp patches. It is recommended that leather bags are kept well away from anything remotely wet. Here are our top tips as to how to rain proof your own leather bags and handbags and keep them safe and dry.

If it rains, you should keep your leather bag or handbag underneath an umbrella with you. There are several good products on the market to help you keep your bag or handbag dry. We especially love Fulton’s Tiny Umbrellas which are small, compact and lightweight enough to keep in your handbag, ready for that rainy day. They measure just 15 x 6 x 3cms and weigh around 150 to 164g. Prices start from a very reasonable £19 so there’s really no excuse to get caught out in the rain.

Alternatively, how about a Handbag Raincoat? Made from water-repellent clear polyurethane, you simply Velcro the cover over your handbag and use the handle as normal. When the rain stops, whip off the cover and store in its carrying pouch. The Handbag Raincoat comes in three sizes; mini, medium and large so there is one to fit everything from a clutch to a tote. From just £19.55.

Leather Protection and Waterproofing products are widely available on the market. Several leather bag and handbag manufacturers particularly recommend those by Collonil. These may help to repel water and nourish leather but always remember to test any product on an inconspicuous section of your bag before applying all over, as most will change the character of the original leather. Collonil Delicate Cream cleans and cares for leather, softens the surface, revives and restores. Collonil Waterstop Spray waterproofs and prevents dirt penetrating the leather. Collonil Organic Product and Care contains olive oil to waterproof and soften.

If you do happen to get caught out in the rain, wipe any water droplets off with a dry towel when you reach your destination. If the rain marks do not fade once the bag has completely dried out, you should really take advice from a professional leather cleaner. However, depending on what type of leather your bag is made from, you could try wiping over the bag with a damp (not wet) sponge to help blend the marks. By adding a little water, you may be able to soften the effect. Progressively wiping the bag with a damp sponge gently may help. The key is not to over-wet the bag. Then you must be patient and allow the item to dry naturally, at room temperature, and away from any direct heat. If possible, it is a good idea to reshape the item by stuffing it with acid-free paper or similar, just in the same way as we stuff our wet shoes with newspaper to stop them shrinking as they dry.

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