Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Fashion Trends: Boyfriend Material.

The origin of boyfriend fashion came from girls borrowing and wearing a boyfriend’s clothes; large comfortable jumpers, worn out jeans, band t-shirts and snuggly cardigans. The designers adopted the theme and developed it into the boyfriend trend that is so popular today. 

There are several ways to create the look. Go for over-sized tops that give the impression that they are just one size too big for you. This works as a great slimming trick, too. Choose jeans in a cool vintage wash that say you’re definitely off duty today. Ripped has been a fashion statement for a number of years and still continues to be high on the shopping list. Boyfriend blazers are a great asset, just roll up the sleeves. Team with a slouchy bucket style bag and you’ll be bang on trend.

Fashion Trends: Boyfriend Material
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