Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Cat Version of a Radley Bag for Lovers of Cats and Handbags!

'What do I know about handbags? Nothing! That’s my wife’s domain. My wife loves handbags but I wanted to buy my wife a surprise present and I had no idea what to buy. We
were out shopping, me in the Blu-ray store, my wife either in the jewellers or the handbag store. She told me there was nothing there she really liked. It was then I noticed the little dog hanging from her Radley bag and thought as we have cats, is there a cat version of a Radley bag? Found Catwalk Collection. Read all the reviews; didn't mean a great deal to me. I knew the bag had to have a middle aisle, two sections sort of, zips, adjustable strap, phone section. The fact that it is blue (my wife’s favourite colour) is a double bonus. Bought it. Wrapped it. Handed it over. Moment of truth. It instantly became bag Number One. Within seconds, current bag was tipped upside down and emptied, hurled across room. My wife assures me the leather, the feel of the bag, the compartments, the length of strap, everything about the bag really, was first class. So whilst being far from an expert on handbags, I know from my wife’s reaction she is impressed with this bag. Had it week now and still hasn't found fault. I count that as good product, good price, well packed. Result!'

Review by martyp

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