Friday, 11 December 2015

Buying a Handbag: how to avoid the most common mistake

We’ve all done it, seen the most gorgeous handbag online and immediately imagined possessing it, caressing it with your fingers and visualising how good it will look next to your body. In your mind, you’ve already morphed the bag into the perfect size to suit yourself. However, when delivered to your door, it’s not the size you wanted it to be and you’re greatly disappointed.

Here are two bags as they would be displayed on a website. Are they the same size or is one bag bigger than the other?

In reality, whilst the photos are the same size, the bags are probably differing sizes, only you can’t see the size difference because photographers always fill the frame. They don’t leave gaps or white space. Online photos can be deceptive to the eye when it comes to size and you shouldn’t try to guess.

A ruler or tape measure is invaluable when making purchases online and is a good investment. Most websites do show the measurements of the bag, so at this point you should get out your ruler or tape measure in order to visualise more accurately how big the bag is going to be. You could even draw lines on a newspaper and cut out the rough shape of the bag so you can get an even better idea of size.

For more clues as to the size of a bag, check the online description. Does it mention if the bag can hold iPhones or note pads? If the website doesn't show you the details you require, you can usually send them an e-mail requesting product information. Most companies will respond within 24 hours.

Some websites show the bag on a model and this is a really helpful guide. Obviously, as most websites don’t tell you how tall the model is, nor what size clothes she wears, it’s best to view these photos as an approximate size reference that cannot be completely accurate.

Laura Crossbody Bag and Victoria Tote by Catwalk Collection Handbags Ltd

If the bag you have ordered is not the right size, you can always return it for a refund but as you normally have to pay for the privilege of returning the unwanted bag and it takes time and trouble to return items, it’s always better to try to avoid 'buying' mistakes in the first place.

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