Monday, 13 July 2015

Laura, the New Crossbody Bag by Catwalk Collection Handbags

Laura is a new and delightful crossbody bag by makers Catwalk Collection Handbags. Crossbody bags have always been a popular choice but the ones made by Catwalk Collection are truly irresistible. Numerous prototypes of Laura were made and tested over a long period of time before the final design was settled upon. And what a beauty it is. Well worth the wait.

What we love about this neat, slim crossbody bag is the feel of the beautiful leather and the stylish look of the twist lock on the demure front pocket.

The main compartment of the bag fastens securely with a zip for peace of mind. This means you can safely run for a bus knowing that you're not about to lose any precious contents on the way.

The long strap allows comfortable wear over the shoulder or across the body, leaving hands free for other important duties. Great for Summer BBQs!

Handy internal pockets that allow for the organisational storage of i-Phone and other essentials, makes this crossbody bag a pure winner in our eyes. The only decision you'll need to make is which delectable colour to choose: Brown, Navy Blue, Red, Purple or White.

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