Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Best Leather Handbags to Combat Pickpockets!

If you’ve ever been the victim of a pickpocket, you’ll know just how bad it feels. Your purse has been lifted and you’ve not only lost cash, credit cards and debit cards but maybe the odd precious photo or memento and your favourite purse, as well. You might have been standing at the edge of the road waiting to cross with a group of other people or simply jostled while trying to board a tube train. Sometimes, you don’t even realise you’ve been robbed until you reach in for your purse sometime later.

Catwalk Collection has come up with a range of wonderfully secure leather handbags that go some way to impeding these thieves and preventing them from helping themselves to your precious belongings.

Teagan (small), Metro (medium) and City (big) are all cross-body bags which means that a thief cannot simply grab it and run as it sits across your body, safely on your hip in front of you. 

There are two double zipped compartments for valuables and a central open compartment for items you want quick access to, such as tissues or reading glasses. All the compartments are then covered with a flap over the top of the bag. This makes it very difficult for any pickpocket to navigate successfully without alerting you. 

As an added bonus, all the bags have oodles of pockets for the organisation of contents. Ideal for holidays!

Catwalk Collection Handbags are available to buy from The Real Handbag Shop online.

For more useful tips on how to avoid being a victim to pickpockets, see the Daily Mail article with James Freedman.