Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Gifts for Mother’s Day – 15th March 2015 – Mothering Sunday UK

If you could buy anything from The Real Handbag Shop for your Mum on Mother’s Day, what would you choose and why? We asked 100 online shoppers this question and have printed some of their answers below:

Hayley, Nantwich: ‘My mum is an ardent Cat Lover so I’ve always bought her cat related presents. I was delighted to see the range of Catwalk Collection leather bags with the cute cat charms, so it would definitely have to be one of these. I think she would absolutely adore the Martina bag in the summery tan colour.’

Millie, Kent: ‘Gigi Crossbody Bag  at £44.95 for two reasons. Firstly, this is genuine leather and looks divine. Secondly, the price seems very affordable (reduced from £65) so I’m getting Mum something special that looks expensive but not costing me the earth.’

Mark, London: ‘I’d choose the Kensington Tote Bag by Catwalk Collection as my mum is a teacher and her current bag is so tatty and a real mess inside. This one looks very smart and has lots of pockets, plus it’s fairly big so would fit all her paperwork and stuff.’

Chris, Kirkham:  ‘I always get my mum a small gift on Mother’s Day, so I would select one of the purses. I think mum would prefer a plain purse like the Gigi Othello 1062 as she doesn’t like anything too fancy.’

Emily, Nottingham: ‘Visconti Leather Organiser Bag. I did ask my mum first as I would never buy a handbag for her without checking if she liked it or not. What she likes about this bag is that it is genuine leather and has myriad pockets and compartments to organise contents. The sand colour looks particularly nice and would go just as well with either formal outfits or jeans. I might get one for myself, too!

Monday, 23 February 2015


There are several ways you can tackle those naughty ballpoint pen marks that mysteriously appear on your leather handbag.

To remove a pen mark from the leather exterior, first try a baby wipe. The mild detergent and moisturiser in the wipe can often help to fade a fresh mark.

If that doesn’t work, try rubbing it gently with a tiny amount of cuticle removing gel on a cotton ball. Please remember to test the gel in an inconspicuous area first, before tackling any stains that are in full view. Most cuticle gels are highly alkaline, which means they can dissolve a very fine top layer of the leather and hopefully take the stain with it. Remove the gel with mild soapy water on a clean cloth and wipe over with clean water as soon as the mark fades, then dry with a soft, dry towel. You may need to restore some shine with a leather treatment once the bag is dry. 

If you can’t remove the mark, you could try covering it up with a Leather Repair Touch-Up Kit (available to purchase online). Shoe polish also works quite well to disguise any marks.

To clean the fabric lining, spritz the pen mark lightly with hair spray. The solvent in the spray should start to dissolve the ink and make it easier to remove. Dab the damp stain with a clean cloth or paper towel, and keep lightly spritzing and blotting until the ink is removed. It’s important not to soak the mark with hairspray or the stain will spread.

Not all leather is suitable for the treatments described here, so please proceed with caution and always test first, on an area that is out of sight.