Friday, 11 December 2015

Buying a Handbag: how to avoid the most common mistake

We’ve all done it, seen the most gorgeous handbag online and immediately imagined possessing it, caressing it with your fingers and visualising how good it will look next to your body. In your mind, you’ve already morphed the bag into the perfect size to suit yourself. However, when delivered to your door, it’s not the size you wanted it to be and you’re greatly disappointed.

Here are two bags as they would be displayed on a website. Are they the same size or is one bag bigger than the other?

In reality, whilst the photos are the same size, the bags are probably differing sizes, only you can’t see the size difference because photographers always fill the frame. They don’t leave gaps or white space. Online photos can be deceptive to the eye when it comes to size and you shouldn’t try to guess.

A ruler or tape measure is invaluable when making purchases online and is a good investment. Most websites do show the measurements of the bag, so at this point you should get out your ruler or tape measure in order to visualise more accurately how big the bag is going to be. You could even draw lines on a newspaper and cut out the rough shape of the bag so you can get an even better idea of size.

For more clues as to the size of a bag, check the online description. Does it mention if the bag can hold iPhones or note pads? If the website doesn't show you the details you require, you can usually send them an e-mail requesting product information. Most companies will respond within 24 hours.

Some websites show the bag on a model and this is a really helpful guide. Obviously, as most websites don’t tell you how tall the model is, nor what size clothes she wears, it’s best to view these photos as an approximate size reference that cannot be completely accurate.

Laura Crossbody Bag and Victoria Tote by Catwalk Collection Handbags Ltd

If the bag you have ordered is not the right size, you can always return it for a refund but as you normally have to pay for the privilege of returning the unwanted bag and it takes time and trouble to return items, it’s always better to try to avoid 'buying' mistakes in the first place.

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Friday, 4 December 2015

Possibly The Best Little Cross-Body Bag In The World #handbags #small

If you need a small handbag to hold just the essentials for a daily commute, then the lovely Lena Cross-Body Bag will be perfect. The small outer zip pocket is great for an Oyster card and there are interior pockets for mobile phone and pens as well as a middle zipped pocket for tissues, mints and lip salve plus an additional interior zipped side pocket for compact mirror and comb; the main compartment will even hold one of the new 6” Kindles plus a coin purse and a set of keys.  Other useful items to carry are a folded plastic carrier bag, miniature scissors and a small notepad, or you may wish to pop a pair of glasses in. For a small neat little bag, you can sure pack a lot into it.

The leather feels gorgeously smooth and soft and the strap is ample length for wearing across the body which is useful if you need to keep your hands free. The bags are well made and yet the price is very reasonable for such a fine quality product. 

Each bag fastens securely with a zip which is a great deterrent against would-be thieves.

As if this wasn’t enough, each bag comes with the most adorable cat logo bag charm which is an absolute must for cat lovers. The fact that the charm jingles also deters thieves!

There are ten colours to choose from, so once you’ve bought one, I can guarantee you’ll soon be wanting another!

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Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Cat Version of a Radley Bag for Lovers of Cats and Handbags!

'What do I know about handbags? Nothing! That’s my wife’s domain. My wife loves handbags but I wanted to buy my wife a surprise present and I had no idea what to buy. We
were out shopping, me in the Blu-ray store, my wife either in the jewellers or the handbag store. She told me there was nothing there she really liked. It was then I noticed the little dog hanging from her Radley bag and thought as we have cats, is there a cat version of a Radley bag? Found Catwalk Collection. Read all the reviews; didn't mean a great deal to me. I knew the bag had to have a middle aisle, two sections sort of, zips, adjustable strap, phone section. The fact that it is blue (my wife’s favourite colour) is a double bonus. Bought it. Wrapped it. Handed it over. Moment of truth. It instantly became bag Number One. Within seconds, current bag was tipped upside down and emptied, hurled across room. My wife assures me the leather, the feel of the bag, the compartments, the length of strap, everything about the bag really, was first class. So whilst being far from an expert on handbags, I know from my wife’s reaction she is impressed with this bag. Had it week now and still hasn't found fault. I count that as good product, good price, well packed. Result!'

Review by martyp

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Monday, 30 November 2015

One of the Best Leather Messenger Bags for Work, Business or Leisure.

Exclusive to The Real Handbag Shop, this is one of the best oiled leather briefcase messenger bags for the workplace but don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers had to say…

 ‘I’m very impressed by my new Visconti messenger bag. This item is a real delight to behold. It is beautifully made – the craftsmanship in superb. The leather is top notch and the stitching is faultless. The fittings are great quality, consisting of nice solid chunks of brass.’ Michael D. Bradley.

‘I purchased this ingeniously designed Messenger Bag as a carrying case to house my 13 inch Mac Air, and I couldn't be more delighted with it. Not only does the laptop fit perfectly, but the bag has oodles of room for documents and other sundries, including a specialised pocket which is wide and deep enough to carry your i-Phone.
The online price is also staggeringly low for such a quality briefcase and knocks spots off the High Street competition. I am impressed by the clever design of this case, as all together there are six largish storage areas, including four separate zip compartments. All are of generous proportions, considering the overall size and slim style of the bag and one of these is on the outside rear, making it ideal for popping in last minute items if you're in a hurry. The main central storage compartment perfectly accommodates the larger Mac Air laptop and this part of the bag, along with another frontal compartment, will also happily house any other A4 sized documents.
Inside the main compartment there is a five-stack credit/business card holder, three pen holders and another pocket for small change, notes or cards.
The plush appearance of the soft suede leather and stitching, set off by a circular brass buckle and magnetic clasp, is fabulous, as you would expect from a quality-conscious name like Visconti and wouldn't look out of place in any boardroom.
If you are not having to carry bulky items, I would heartily recommend this stylish shoulder briefcase as an alternative to a heavy traditional case.’ J. M. Eccles.

‘Every so often you buy something that exceeds expectations and that was the case with this product. Good quality, well made, quickly delivered and fairly priced. Without doubt I'll be buying more stuff from Visconti. Well done! If I could give you 6 stars ~ I'd get it!’ Warnerbruvvers.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

That Special Handbag for Christmas! Party On!

Christmas is the time to spoil yourself and your loved ones with something a bit more special than the norm. For those ladies who go weak at the knees for an irresistible handbag, Catwalk Collection has made their Gallery Tote Bag in a delicious combination of shiny Metallic Leathers and gleaming Silver Fittings. Grab a bag in shimmering silver grey or darkly sparkly black. 

Special price £59.95 (RRP £80) while stocks last!

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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Leather Bag and Handbag Repair or Refurbishment

When you buy a new leather bag from a reputable company, you expect to get a fair amount of use from it. However, on the rare occasion, your bag may fail due to a manufacturing defect that was present when it left the factory. Most branded leather bags come with a guarantee and this can vary depending on the particular product bought. U.K. law states that such products are automatically guaranteed for a minimum of six months but many good retailers such as The Real Handbag Shop extend this timescale for their valued customers and guarantee their products for a minimum of 12 months. High Street Shops are bound by slightly different laws to Online Retailers.

All Gigi handbags come with a 12 month guarantee and
a Free Heart Bag Charm when purchased from The Real Handbag Shop!

If you are unfortunate to have a bag that suffers from a manufacturing defect, in the first instance you should contact the retailer (seller). If you have bought from an online shop, you will need to contact the retailer by e-mail. Where possible, if you can include a photo along with a brief description of the fault, this will help the retailer to understand the problem more fully and enable them to give you the best assistance available. Proof of purchase is a standard requirement so always keep your receipt when buying from High Street Shops and quote your Order Number when dealing with goods purchased online.

All Ashwood Luggage and Leather Goods come with a 12 month guarantee when purchased from The Real Handbag Shop!

If your faulty leather bag falls within the guarantee period, then it should be repaired or replaced free of charge by the retailer. Once the guarantee runs out, any repairs will need to be paid for. Repair Services are sometimes offered by the bag manufacturer. Otherwise, try a local Cobblers or Shoe Repair Shop but this will depend on the type of repair required. If you cannot get a repair done locally, you might be able to search on the internet for companies that specialise in Leather Bag Repairs. This will usually involve sending your bag away for a short period of time and is only really recommended for high-end luxury or designer leather bags as the cost of repairs can run quite high.


What We Can Do…
All the products we sell come with a 12 MONTH GUARANTEE. If any manufacturing defect occurs within this timescale, then please contact us via our website and we will be more than happy (and not at all grumpy) to arrange either a repair or replacement free of charge with the supplier of the product affected.

Once the GUARANTEE runs out, we may still be able to help with replacing the odd buckle or occasional broken shoulder strap. Just e-mail us a photo of your particular problem and we will do our very best to assist.

What We Can’t Do…
We are a retailer not a manufacturer. We sell leather bags but we do not make them ourselves and therefore we do not possess the necessary equipment, such as sewing machines, to be able to repair leather bags.

 All Catwalk Collection Handbags come with a 12 month guarantee when purchased from The Real Handbag Shop!


Although our bags are produced with a great deal of care and attention, rare defects can occur. Visconti offers a repair service for bags that develop a defect such as a faulty zip or buckle subject to wear and tear. The repair team will carefully assess each bag and advise accordingly on how to rectify any issues.

All our bags carry a 12-month guarantee from the date of your purchase. If any defect arises within this period we will do our utmost to repair the bag or if necessary provide a replacement. (Proof of purchase will be required) To arrange a repair or refurbishment for a bag less than 12 months old, please contact the seller.

We also offer a repairs and refurbishment service for Visconti bags that require attention but might have run the course of the guarantee.

To arrange a repair or refurbishment please get in contact with us directly at Visconti Customer Service via our website.

‘ I was able to use the Visconti repair service which was great.  They have a section on their site to download a repair form.  So had it done for £20 but through them so it was well done.  They were really obliging. Thanks for your help. Warm wishes, Nicola.’

 All Visconti products come with a 12 month guarantee when purchased from The Real Handbag Shop!