Monday, 20 October 2014

How to find your Perfect Handbag

If you’re struggling to find your perfect handbag, you’re not alone. There is a huge choice of leather handbags available to buy online which sounds like absolute paradise for shoppers. The down side is that you have to trawl through hundreds of designs that you can’t touch or feel and every handbag is advertised as high quality, from the uber-expensive Italian designs to the cheap PU or plastic versions that generally don’t last for a month.

Our advice? Read the reviews. See what normal women (and men) think about the bag they have just purchased. If they like it, then it’s more than likely that you will, too!

Other top tips for buying your perfect handbag:

1.       Choose from a reputable retailer.
2.       Check the Returns Policy; make sure you can return the handbag if it’s not suitable.
3.       Check that your handbag purchase is Guaranteed for at least 12 months.
4.       Leather handbags are generally more durable and longer lasting than PU or plastic.
5.       Remember that photographs cannot show the actual size and a small handbag can look the same size as a large handbag on screen. Always check the measurements.

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