Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Hipster Fashion and Leather Handbags for Women

The Hipster vibe for women is all about a certain fashion; fashion in clothes, fashion in music, fashion in art, fashion in lifestyle and fashion in food. You are living your laid-back life in the way you want and loving every minute of it. There are a few rules to follow but on the whole it’s an easy look to create by layering and mismatching. Brand labels are not totally deck (cool); independence from consumerism and commercialism is key.

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Whilst labels are not good, an iconic top is fine. Images of flora and fauna on t-shirts show your love for nature and the outdoors or you can make a statement with band sweatshirts such as The Black Keys or Arctic Monkeys, for example. Prophetic words, cartoon characters and street art are perfectly good to go. Sweaters should be loose and casual; belt it close or wear it slouchy.

Depending on the weather, select either skinny jeans or figure-hugging shorts. Leggings and jeggings are good, too and you can even rock the hipster look with a flared skirt in a vintage flower pattern.
Combat boots are the most popular footwear but you can also wear ankle boots to great effect. When the sun is shining, go for leather heeled sandals. It’s worth mentioning that flats, trainers and plimsolls are a different fashion altogether and considered fin (bad) by hipsters.

Hats are an essential; fedoras, slouchy knits, berets. As long as it doesn’t look as if you’re going to a wedding, virtually anything goes. If hats don’t suit you, then a close-fitting hoodie is a great alternative worn under a leather or denim jacket.

The type of bag you carry can make or break the look you’ve carefully created. A large courier bag, bucket bag, backpack or simple crossbody bag can work well. Add a few accessories such as sunglasses and black nail polish.

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