Thursday, 10 July 2014

The New Visconti Hunter Leather Bags

Visconti have outlined a few changes that are taking place within their hunter range of oiled leather bags. The main aim of these changes is to keep up to date with modern trends and also ensure that Visconti bags remain some of the most aesthetically pleasing on the market.

As part of their efforts to continually improve upon their biggest range, they have introduced the following changes and updates:

The Visconti plaque stitched onto the back of all hunter bags has now been removed to provide a much cleaner and minimalistic rear of each bag as they felt that this fitting could be made more use of. The Visconti plaque has now been re-located on to the strap of all the hunter bags in a smaller format which gives the bags a more modern feel and also provides a small amount of brand presence without causing any major changes to the facade of the bags.

The rubber underside of all the hunter straps have now been substituted for woven undersides; the original rubber underside was a rigid material, whereas the updated woven underside gives a greater level of comfort as well as being more pleasing to the eye.

The Visconti leather label present in the inners of every hunter bag has also been changed now from the standard rectangle to a more refined and flowing design.

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