Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Buy Mum a New Handbag for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day in the UK falls on Sunday, 30th March 2014. This is the perfect time to let Mum put away her old dark Winter Handbag and revitalise her wardbrobe with a brand new Summer Handbag. Below are some of our customer's recommendations. Happy Mother's Day!

Victoria by Catwalk Collection. £110.00
This is a lovely bag, beautifully made and very roomy. It will fit Kindle, Tablet and everything except a large laptop. It is robust and will keep everyting dry and safe. Constance C. L. Alexander.

Othello 6165 by Gigi. £75.00
I am so pleased I purchased this bag- love the colour & softness of the leather .Plenty of room for all I need when out & about. I can even get my brolly in it, which is a bonus with our weather system at the moment. Would highly recommend this handbag for whatever season as it comes in all colours. Grannee.

Claudia 03190 by Visconti. £87.50
I received this from my Husband for Christmas. It is a very stylish number with good quality leather and a great internal layout. He obviously loves me! Elizabeth.

Lena by Catwalk Collection. £39.95
Wife loved it thanks. Small bag with lots of nice features, perfect of those little esstentials, key and phone. Appear to be well made so it should last. Andrew P Wheadon.

Othello 4323 by Gigi. £70.00
I ordered this bag to take on holiday and was delighted when it arrived 2 days later. The leather is so soft and the bag was just the right size. Big enough to hold my purse, glasses and other bits and pieces but not so big that it felt you were carrying a bag of shopping. I would recommend this bag to everyone. Amazon Customer.

Grace 1603 by Visconti. £77.50
The best handbag I have ever bought. This handbag is fantastic. It has lasted and holds everything I need. The pockets are well designed and the zips are strong. It looks good too. Ms. E. J. Smith.

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