Friday, 5 December 2014

Black Leather Handbags - The Best Looking - Spoilt For Choice!

If you're looking to buy a Black Leather Handbag, then we think that these are possibly the best looking handbags on the planet. So lovely are all the designs that you'll literally be spoilt for choice. Plus, there are huge savings when you buy online. Where can you buy these luscious leather handbags? At

Check out this seasons must-haves! These are the newest designs currently available. When you buy online, you'll get Free UK Delivery. There is also an Express Delivery option for the handbags you need in a hurry!

Stand out in the crowd with a lovely leather designer handbag. You’ll find fabulous discounts on named brands. If you’re looking for old favourites or classic leather handbags, just think

Online at you’ll find a wonderful choice of affordable beautiful handbags for women and handsome bags for men in fashionable leathers. In fact there are no less than 500 styles in a selection of various colours. That’s 1000s of handbags, cross-body bags, shoulder bags, totes, shoppers, laptop bags, baby bags, satchels, messenger bags, briefcases, holdalls, sports bags, luggage, purses, wallets, shaving bags and wash bags.


Photos: Catwalk Collection Handbags - Abbey Road £49.95, Lena £29.95, Claudia £69.95 and Canterbury £79.95. All prices are Special Offer Prices available for a limited time only! Bags and handbags subject to availability at time of purchase. Please check the website.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Buying a handbag online? Here's how to take the guesswork out of selecting the right size for your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother or perhaps just for yourself.

Here's a handy measurement guide that we found on the internet to help you when selecting a handbag. For European sizing 6" equates to 15.24cm, 12" is 30.48cm, 14" is 35.56cm and 16" is 40.64cm. Hope this helps!

Monday, 20 October 2014

How to find your Perfect Handbag

If you’re struggling to find your perfect handbag, you’re not alone. There is a huge choice of leather handbags available to buy online which sounds like absolute paradise for shoppers. The down side is that you have to trawl through hundreds of designs that you can’t touch or feel and every handbag is advertised as high quality, from the uber-expensive Italian designs to the cheap PU or plastic versions that generally don’t last for a month.

Our advice? Read the reviews. See what normal women (and men) think about the bag they have just purchased. If they like it, then it’s more than likely that you will, too!

Other top tips for buying your perfect handbag:

1.       Choose from a reputable retailer.
2.       Check the Returns Policy; make sure you can return the handbag if it’s not suitable.
3.       Check that your handbag purchase is Guaranteed for at least 12 months.
4.       Leather handbags are generally more durable and longer lasting than PU or plastic.
5.       Remember that photographs cannot show the actual size and a small handbag can look the same size as a large handbag on screen. Always check the measurements.

Jane by Catwalk Collection Handbags Ltd

Friday, 12 September 2014

High Quality Branded Leather Handbags at Sale Prices. Bid from just 99p. 12 Month Guarantee.

The Real Handbag Shop's Outlet Store on eBay UK sells factory products with minor defects, brand new customer returned items, opened box goods and warehouse damaged merchandise at reduced prices with all the benefits of warehouse fulfilment and customer care. All products sold will have been quality checked to ensure they are in working order. 

Buy branded REAL LEATHER HANDBAGS, PURSES, CROSSBODY BAGS, SATCHELS, GRAB BAGS, TOTES, SHOULDER BAGS, SHOPPERS, WEEKEND BAGS, MESSENGER BAGS and WALLETS for both men and women. All high quality REAL LEATHER BAGS! Also gorgeous gifts such as BAG CHARMS! 100s of styles to choose from in every colour! The Real Handbag Shop are authorised suppliers of Ashwood, Catwalk Collection Handbags, Visconti and Gigi leather goods. All products sold come with a 12 Month Guarantee.


Check out the BUY IT NOW, BEST OFFERS and AUCTIONS which start at just 99p. If this sounds far too good to be true, it really is! If you wish to make us an offer for a gorgeous leather handbag, please do so by bidding. Its great fun and you never know, you may get lucky and win a genuinely beautiful leather handbag for a song!

Thursday, 28 August 2014


We need a little bit more room in the Amazon warehouse for all our new Christmas stock and are therefore having a FLASHSALE on more than one hundred products! This is extremely lucky for you as it's your opportunity to buy one (or more) of our best-selling and most popular leather handbags at a bargain price. Prices start from £29.95 for Catwalk Collection Handbags Milan Grab Bag.


The discounts we offer do vary but you will find that some items have even been reduced to less than half price. We have picked a few examples to show you what you can get on our blog but if you log onto The Real Handbag Shop at you will find our whole range of leather bags, handbags, wallets and purses online.

Those of you who have access to Twitter and Facebook can see more of our special deals pointed out with links to amazon so that you can make a purchase if you wish. The sales end on the 30th August, so you'll need to be quick to avoid disappointment. We apologise in advance if your choice of handbag or man bag is already sold out but these really are very low prices and the goods are very high quality. This is the Real Deal from The Real Handbag Shop!


Please be assured that you can buy with confidence, as although your purchases are classified as Handbag Sales, Special Offers and Warehouse Clearance, we still offer our full 12 Month Guarantee on all products as well as our normal 30 day Return/Refund Policy. Also, we do not sell or share your personal details to 3rd party companies nor send you copious amounts of junk mail. Hoorah!
We are a UK based company but can send goods to the following countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Slovenia, Austria  Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Denmark Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, France, Sweden, Greece  and Spain.

We hope you enjoy shopping at The Real Handbag Shop!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Hipster Fashion and Leather Handbags for Women

The Hipster vibe for women is all about a certain fashion; fashion in clothes, fashion in music, fashion in art, fashion in lifestyle and fashion in food. You are living your laid-back life in the way you want and loving every minute of it. There are a few rules to follow but on the whole it’s an easy look to create by layering and mismatching. Brand labels are not totally deck (cool); independence from consumerism and commercialism is key.

 Catwalk Collection Courier Bag, Visconti Backpack and Gigi Crossbody Flapover Bag

Whilst labels are not good, an iconic top is fine. Images of flora and fauna on t-shirts show your love for nature and the outdoors or you can make a statement with band sweatshirts such as The Black Keys or Arctic Monkeys, for example. Prophetic words, cartoon characters and street art are perfectly good to go. Sweaters should be loose and casual; belt it close or wear it slouchy.

Depending on the weather, select either skinny jeans or figure-hugging shorts. Leggings and jeggings are good, too and you can even rock the hipster look with a flared skirt in a vintage flower pattern.
Combat boots are the most popular footwear but you can also wear ankle boots to great effect. When the sun is shining, go for leather heeled sandals. It’s worth mentioning that flats, trainers and plimsolls are a different fashion altogether and considered fin (bad) by hipsters.

Hats are an essential; fedoras, slouchy knits, berets. As long as it doesn’t look as if you’re going to a wedding, virtually anything goes. If hats don’t suit you, then a close-fitting hoodie is a great alternative worn under a leather or denim jacket.

The type of bag you carry can make or break the look you’ve carefully created. A large courier bag, bucket bag, backpack or simple crossbody bag can work well. Add a few accessories such as sunglasses and black nail polish.

Buy leather hipster handbags at

Thursday, 14 August 2014

One of our favourite leather handbags by Gigi £54.95

One of our favourite handbags by Gigi comes in a multitude of gorgeous colours so you can choose one to suit for virtually any occasion. How might it look on your shoulder? Buy direct from

Thursday, 10 July 2014

The New Visconti Hunter Leather Bags

Visconti have outlined a few changes that are taking place within their hunter range of oiled leather bags. The main aim of these changes is to keep up to date with modern trends and also ensure that Visconti bags remain some of the most aesthetically pleasing on the market.

As part of their efforts to continually improve upon their biggest range, they have introduced the following changes and updates:

The Visconti plaque stitched onto the back of all hunter bags has now been removed to provide a much cleaner and minimalistic rear of each bag as they felt that this fitting could be made more use of. The Visconti plaque has now been re-located on to the strap of all the hunter bags in a smaller format which gives the bags a more modern feel and also provides a small amount of brand presence without causing any major changes to the facade of the bags.

The rubber underside of all the hunter straps have now been substituted for woven undersides; the original rubber underside was a rigid material, whereas the updated woven underside gives a greater level of comfort as well as being more pleasing to the eye.

The Visconti leather label present in the inners of every hunter bag has also been changed now from the standard rectangle to a more refined and flowing design.

See all new Visconti Hunter leather Bags at

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Father's Day Gift Ideas: Ashwood Luggage and Small Leather Goods

Father's Day in the UK this year falls on Sunday, 15th June (2014) and Ashwood has come up with some lovely gift ideas from within their range of leather luggage and accessories.

Choose from Wallets with gift boxes, iPad Bags, Wash/Shaving Bags, Messenger Bags, Laptop Bags, Briefcases, Holdalls, Weekend Bags, Travel Bags and Sports Bags. For the best prices, check out

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Buy Chocolate Brown Handbags for Easter

This Easter, get your annual chocolate fix with one of our scrumptious chocolate brown leather handbags. All the fun with no calories! Who can resist the lush caramel and dark chocolate colours of Gigi's Leather Cross-Body Flap Over Bag, Othello 1008 RRP £65.00? If you order one from you will also get a free leather heart key ring. Alternatively, to get that definitive Happy Easter feeling, take a peek at Catwalk Collection's Georgia Saddle Bag with deep, rich mocha marbling and toffee coloured running stitch RRP £75.00. Incidently, six out of six reviewers gave this superb saddle bag the top marks it deserves. The Bellstone Tote Bag by Catwalk Collection Handbags is everyone's favourite; it's a good size for work, leisure or travel and has plenty of useful organisational features. It has just been released in a mouth watering milk chocolate brown RRP £90 on their own website but shop around online to get the best deals, special offers and discounts!

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Savinova - Russia - Credit Card Fraudster - Online Retailers Beware!


Sadly, it has come to our notice that the following name and address is using stolen credit cards worldwide to try and purchase goods from online retailers:

Tatyana Savinova
Krasnoarmeiskaya 94 -72
Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El, 424020
T: 9381303008

and variations on a theme...

Maksim Savinov
Pervomaiskaya 126- 5
Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El, 424002
T: 4777631207

Tatyana Savinova
Krasnoarmeiskaya 94 - 72
Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El, 424020
T: 44 843 538 5613

Galina Savinova
Pervomaiskaya 126- 5
Yoshkar-Ola, Mari-El, 424002
T: 44 843 538 1452

Anna Naumova
Pavlenko street 11-45
Yoshkar-Ola, Mari El, 424032
T: 78362006739

We hope this information helps!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Buy Mum a New Handbag for Mother's Day!

Mother's Day in the UK falls on Sunday, 30th March 2014. This is the perfect time to let Mum put away her old dark Winter Handbag and revitalise her wardbrobe with a brand new Summer Handbag. Below are some of our customer's recommendations. Happy Mother's Day!

Victoria by Catwalk Collection. £110.00
This is a lovely bag, beautifully made and very roomy. It will fit Kindle, Tablet and everything except a large laptop. It is robust and will keep everyting dry and safe. Constance C. L. Alexander.

Othello 6165 by Gigi. £75.00
I am so pleased I purchased this bag- love the colour & softness of the leather .Plenty of room for all I need when out & about. I can even get my brolly in it, which is a bonus with our weather system at the moment. Would highly recommend this handbag for whatever season as it comes in all colours. Grannee.

Claudia 03190 by Visconti. £87.50
I received this from my Husband for Christmas. It is a very stylish number with good quality leather and a great internal layout. He obviously loves me! Elizabeth.

Lena by Catwalk Collection. £39.95
Wife loved it thanks. Small bag with lots of nice features, perfect of those little esstentials, key and phone. Appear to be well made so it should last. Andrew P Wheadon.

Othello 4323 by Gigi. £70.00
I ordered this bag to take on holiday and was delighted when it arrived 2 days later. The leather is so soft and the bag was just the right size. Big enough to hold my purse, glasses and other bits and pieces but not so big that it felt you were carrying a bag of shopping. I would recommend this bag to everyone. Amazon Customer.

Grace 1603 by Visconti. £77.50
The best handbag I have ever bought. This handbag is fantastic. It has lasted and holds everything I need. The pockets are well designed and the zips are strong. It looks good too. Ms. E. J. Smith.

Check out for special discounted prices!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Free Leather Heart Logo Bag Charm for Valentine's Day!

Sweets for my Sweet,
Sugar for my Honey,
Hearts for my Valentine...

Every Gigi Handbag bought from The Real Handbag Shop comes with a free matching Leather Heart Logo Bag Charm. Perfect for Valentine's Day! Shown here is Sicily CN7500 at just £54.95 (RRP £70).

Monday, 13 January 2014

The New Year in Visconti Leather Handbags


Visconti represents a proud tradition of style, quality and durability of leather handbags.

Their eye-catching range of leather bags, briefcases, handbags and purses are designed to suit the demanding needs of today's women, blending the finest leather with over twenty years of experience in bag manufacturing. Visconti offers its clients the perfect combination of durable practical designs.

Each and every product is manufactured to the highest standard, using premium real leather. They remain commited to delivering unmatchable quality whilst being dedicated to the total satisfaction of each and every customer.

We now invite you to take a look at our website and discover why Visconti has become synonymous with quality leather handbags.

18408 Kelly 26x20x5cm black red brown £34.95
754M Tess 27x20x8cm black brown sand navy red £57.99
659 Alfie 31x25x5cm black brown sand £81.99