Friday, 29 November 2013

Log onto The Real Handbag Shop website and purchase the gift of his dreams.

Why do women find it so difficult to buy Christmas presents and gifts for men? What excites the guys? Well certainly not socks and handkerchiefs, that’s for sure. And unless you know your man really well, it’s best to avoid aftershave, too. This is far too personal to second guess.

So if you want to buy a gift for your brother or your husband or your father, or perhaps your boyfriend or fiancĂ© and you want to get them a surprise that they’ll really love and appreciate and can put to good use, then here are some excellent suggestions.

Leather Wallet 1412 by Ashwood £22.95
Leather Washbag by Ashwood £36.95
Leather Messenger Bag ML22 by Visconti £71.99
Leather iPad Bag 18512 by Visconti £54.99
Leather Messenger Bag WLB800 by Ashwood £65.00
Leather Briefcase VT6 by Visconti £124.99
Leather Wheeled Trolley Case by Ashwood £139.95

Log onto and purchase the gift of his dreams.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Real Handbag Shop Website

The Real Handbag Shop's website has had an amazing transformation from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. The new updated version has loads of new and exciting features:

Easy to Navigate
Full Product Information
Multiple Languages
Plenty of Photographs

Compatible with iPhones and iPads
Customer Accounts Online
Wide choice of Payment Methods
Secure Checkout

Tax/Duty Free Available
Standard Delivery Worldwide
Express Delivery UK

Customer Feedback
Social Networks on Facebook and Twitter
Customer Service Online