Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Prevention and Cure for Colour Transference from Leather Bags and Handbags

Is your beloved leather bag leaving marks on your clothing? Is the dye from your precious leather handbag coming off? Then don’t despair, as we have the answers right here.

Certain types of leather are more prone to colour transference than others, especially the more fashionable leathers that are currently in high demand. Just like we know we shouldn’t buy clothes that require dry cleaning, as it’s not only costly but very time consuming, we simply can’t resist the great looks of bags and handbags in unfinished leathers and oiled leathers that require a little bit more devotion to care.

Yes, oiled leathers can stain lighter clothing and this is perfectly normal for this type of fashion leather. The attached tag or care label which comes as standard with such products states that due to the nature of oiled leather products, you should avoid contact with light coloured fabrics as there may be some colour transference. In our experience, any stains that do occur on clothing normally come out in the wash.

Certain factors can accelerate the loss of dye. As a general rule, leather bags and handbags do not like to be wet. In fact, moisture of any kind can be perfectly ruinous. To help prevent colour transference, always keep your bag away from anything wet.

If it rains, keep your leather bag or handbag underneath an umbrella with yourself and wipe any water droplets off with a dry towel when you reach your destination.

If the weather is hot and sunny, this could also take a toll on your leather bag or handbag. Direct sunlight can fade colours whilst perspiration and sweat are forms of moisture, too. It is also worth mentioning that sun lotions and liquids such as mosquito repellent may also cause leather dye to run excessively.

As well as taking preventative measures, there is the possibility of a cure for oiled leather bags. There are some products available to buy that may help to reduce any colour transference. However, please note that these may change the look and feel of the leather on your bag. One recommended by Visconti for their oiled leather bags is Timberland Waximum™ Waxed Leather Protector. Your local cobbler may be able to recommend others.

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