Friday, 19 April 2013

Armed only with Handbags, Queen Elizabeth II and Baroness Margaret Thatcher

Armed only with handbags and impeccably dressed, two of the most influential women recognised worldwide, personify the last remnants of the twentieth century. On the left in this photo, Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II and walking beside her the late Baroness Margaret Thatcher, the first female Prime Minister in British history.

Never before have we seen two women ruling the U.K. simultaneously, one as head of state and one as head of government. Margaret Thatcher was in office as Prime Minister from the 4th May, 1979 until the 28th November, 1990 representing an era of Britain that was truly unique. Although not impossible, the chances of two women being in positions of power at the same time is very slim indeed, which makes it all the more special for those who lived during this time.

The fact that a woman could obtain the top job of Prime Minister gave hope and inspiration to many women across the U.K. some of whom have become leading ladies of their own companies.

The late Margaret Thatcher celebrating her 70th birthday with Queen Elizabeth II.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Back in stock! Visconti Hunter Leather Wallet £14.99

Yes, we've all been waiting such a long time for these popular leather wallets to come back into stock and here they are. Available from Amazon UK at just £14.99 which represents a huge discount of 29% off the recommended retail price of £21.00, this saves you £6.00!

We think these leather wallets are absolutely fabulous but don't just take our word for it, here's what Mike from Hailsham, UK says:

5.0 out of 5 stars Small but perfectly formed, 23 Mar 2013

This review is for: Visconti Hunter Leather Wallet - 707 - Oil Brown
I used to have a large wallet that would contain all the bits of plastic I accumulated, and I carried them all. It was bulky, stuck out noticeably from my jeans pocket and strangers would stop me on the street to warn me about pickpockets.

So I decided that most of the bits of plastic never really came out of the wallet, and that half a dozen would be more than enough. And I bought this wallet.

It looks good, it feels good, it is a fraction of the size of my old wallet, and I am very happy. Sometimes I think that perhaps it's a little too small and that a couple of millimetres here and a few centimetres there would make a difference, and they might. But that's not the point. It fit's easily and completely in my pocket, holds the cash I carry around and those cards that I use reasonably regularly.

Job done.

Friday, 12 April 2013

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