Wednesday, 19 September 2012

New Season Leather Handbags, Bags and Accessories

The brand new Autumn/Winter stock of leather handbags, bags and accessories is currently flooding into our warehouses on a daily basis. Staff at The Real Handbag Shop, UK have been treated to an exclusive preview of the latest styles and the general consensus is that the new handbags, bags and accessories for men and women are probably the best designs yet.

Watch out for the new Visconti range of bags which caters for the latest iPads and Kindles as well as Laptops. Buffalo leather is in vogue right now so expect some new style leather finishes as well as the old favourite hunter oiled leather. Wallets are always popular and there are more designs than ever before to drool over.

Ashwood is already well known amongst the professionals; they too, have focussed on accommodating the latest gadgetry for their consumers whilst keeping prices affordable. As well as briefcases and messenger bags, Ashwood also produce some fabulous pieces of luggage. Real men are lusting after their new hanging wash bags which are totally unique with an ingenious leather and waterproof fabric combination.

For those ladies patiently waiting for the new Catwalk Collection Handbags to arrive, the wait is almost over. Our phototgraphers are busily preparing the shots and we hope to have the exciting new styles and colours available online as quickly as possible. Part of the delay this year has been due to the company developing new leather, new linings with their beloved cat logo and new fittings; all to be revealed very soon. 

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