Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Ageless Fashion Style & Accessories for Women

It’s unlikely that the style of clothes you once wore in your 20s will be the style clothes you wear in your 40s or even 60s. Not just because styles change but because we don’t want to end up looking like ‘mutton dressed as lamb’.  Equally, we don’t want to morph into our mothers as we age gracefully and thus begins a constant struggle with the fashions of the day. Whenever I pick up a shoe in a shop and ask my teenage daughter if she likes it, her first response is to ask, ‘for me or for you?’ There’s a big difference. 
 Gigi Handbag - Othello £59.95 (RRP £75)

Bondage shoes and maxis certainly fall into dangerous ground where age is concerned. The world isn’t going to fall apart if we get it wrong but most of us like to stir admiration from others, even ‘though we tend to care less about what other people think as we get older. The general rule is to avoid miniskirts after the age of 35, long hair after 40, halternecks after 50 and dark hair after 60. Revealing too much flesh is also an absolute no-no. 
 Catwalk Collection Carnaby Street Handbag £49.95 (RRP £65)

The trick is not to look as though you’re trying to look younger, you just want to look great. Pear shapes should aim for flared skirts and slim tops, or long top over slim skirt. Straight trousers can go fabulously well with tunics and tailored trousers. Boyish shapes look best in skinny trousers combined with voluminous tops or jackets. If your waist is no longer wasp shaped, avoid belts and go for pieces that draw the eye down.

 Gianni Conti Maremma Work Bag Classic Black £139.95 (RRP £212)

Use good accessories to your advantage. A tip to remember is that a classic handbag is ageless, meaning that it will look as good on a 60 year old as on a 20 year old.

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