Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Where to buy Catwalk Collection Leather Handbags!

Catwalk Collection Handbags come in a vast array of fashion leathers. The majority of them are lightweight and squidgy. In fact, Catwalk Collection makes lots of bags that become quite bashed up, fairly quickly because no one wants an accessory, these days that they can’t throw on the floor once in a while or get caught out in the rain.

If you’ve been lusting after a Dispatch cross-body bag, or a Bellstone tote, or perhaps even a Helena laptop bag, then join the club. These are on peoples’ most wanted lists. It’s interesting to note that the hugely successful Kensington work bag was launched four years ago in just one colour; black. Now, it’s available in five fabulous colours and two different types of leather; Crunch which becomes deliciously creased through use and Distressed which quickly takes on an antique, vintage look.

Recent introductions from Catwalk Collection handbags have included the desirable Georgia saddle bag in a seductive striped leather and the military inspired Ashley bag made from special washed leather. Both can be worn slung across the body, a trend which has taken root amongst dedicated handbag connoisseurs.

Catwalk Collection handbags appeal to many women of different ages, wealth and styles. The handbags are selling online in countries near and far including Germany, France, Italy, America and of course the U.K. Soon to be added to the list is Spain and Sweden.

Shoppers abroad love the quirky British styling where handbags feel modern and yet timeless. The cat logo bag charm which comes with each handbag is an absolute must-have. The metals used to make the charms match the fittings on the handbag. For example, if you choose a handbag with antique brass fittings, your cat logo bag charm will be antique metal, too. Other metals include silver and the very rare and most covetable hi-black which appears on the Jessica bag, as shown here. 

Catwalk Collection creates new and desirable handbags every year whilst continuing to produce classics. Women can carry a five year old Catwalk Collection bag and still feel fashionable. Colour, softness, quality and design mean there is a certain amount of excitement when receiving and opening a Catwalk Collection handbag. To get yours and to see the current availability, log onto www.realhandbagshop.co.uk

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