Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Ashwood Leather Luggage Collection for Men

Travelling is one of the great rites of passage for men today. Exploring the world, experiencing new cultures and being adventurous in new lands are great ways to broaden a man’s horizons. Modern airlines, high speed trains and reliable motor cars now offer the opportunity to travel far and wide and at ever decreasing prices.

For the fashionable, travelling business man, Ashwood make a whole range of products which are geared up to help you travel in style.

Wallets from £14.95
Wash Bags from £35.95
i-Pad Bags from £39.95
Messenger Bags from £55
Laptop Bags from £65
Briefcases from £109.95
Holdalls from £115
Luggage from £165

See all Ashwood leather products at www.realhandbagshop.co.uk

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