Friday, 1 June 2012

Gift Ideas Dad will Love on Father's Day!

Father's Day in the UK is on Sunday, 17 June 2012

Truly understanding the impact of being a Dad can only come from experience. A man’s decision to become a father is indeed life-changing. On the one hand, there’s the excitement and exhilaration of creating a completely new and precious life and of taking on the responsibility of raising a family. On the other hand, the dedication of time, energy and finance often means a man has to give up the freedom to be spontaneous whenever the mood strikes and scaling back many of the activities and interests that defined his life previously.

The urge to procreate is a strong one and in order to continue the family line, sacrifices must be made. A man has a natural desire to impart his valuable knowledge to the next generation, to teach his children the lessons he’s learned throughout his own life and to encourage his offspring to be even more successful than he was.

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity for sons and daughters to show their appreciation of all the sacrifices Dad has made over the years. While gifts certainly aren't the only way to show you care, there's nothing like the sense of personal satisfaction you can gain from giving a thoughtful item. We suggest any Ashwood leather product from the list below or maybe a combination of products and you’ll be sure to make a dearly beloved father very happy.

Wallets from £14.95
Wash Bags from £35.95
i-Pad Bags from £39.95
Messenger Bags from £55
Laptop Bags from £65
Briefcases from £109.95
Holdalls from £115
Luggage from £165

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