Friday, 18 May 2012

Nautical but Nice! Gigi Leather Handbags to Buy!

The new Gigi leather handbags are on their way and as always, there are some brilliant new designs which are to be greatly admired. Red, white and navy blue stripes add a nautical flare which is a classic colour combination for summer. The look is so smart and chic so you certainly wouldn’t look out of place if invited to a garden party or two. Indeed, 2012 is set to be an amazing year for all events British. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee heralds a host of activities across the UK and the Olympic Games will take place in London. Not to be missed is the annual Henley Royal Regatta.

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The brown stripe leather handbags give a much softer, more casual appearance and can be worn with any mix of dark brown, mid-brown or tan coloured clothing and shoes. Creams and neutrals will look good, too, so you can glide from the lighter shades of summer into the darker shades of winter with just one handbag which is handy if you’re watching the pennies.

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