Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Large Leather Handbags To Have And To Hold

I’ve never been more impressed, than when on holiday with friends, our every need was immediately met from within the depths of a very large handbag. I’ll explain further. En route by car from Calais to the south of France, at a service station, I needed tissues for the Ladies as I had run out. ‘No worries!’ said Annie and out of her cavernous handbag came the necessary items. Okay, so this is nothing out of the ordinary as most women carry tissues. However, our next stop was the campsite where we discovered we had no matches to light the gas stove. Annie produced a lighter from her handbag, even ‘though she doesn’t smoke. Now that’s pretty cool.

 Smith & Canova Large Handbag - Venice - £99.95 (RRP £175)

One evening we drove out to a restaurant for a meal. The wind whipped my hair all over the place as I got out of the car but then Annie’s handbag came to my rescue with a hairbrush and mirror. When we saw a local advert for a boat trip, the magnificent handbag produced a notepad and pen to write down the details and telephone number. When we needed to cut the labels off our new sunhats, a pair of small scissors appeared. If we needed to ask for directions, there was a French phrase book.

 Ri2k Large Tote - Jerri - £109.95 (RRP £165)

Over the course of the next two weeks, this marvellous handbag produced an address book for Annie to write her postcards, reading glasses, a book for the beach, a diary for daily memos, sunglasses, sun cream, lip salve and even headache tablets for my husband plus a small bottle of water for him to wash them down.

 Gigi large Shoulder Bag - £69.95 (RRP £87)

Needless to say, as soon as we got back home, I bought myself the largest handbag I could find which was the gorgeous leather Caz Bag by Catwalk Collection and stocked it up. My own splendidly large bag now contains most of the above plus a few little extras including umbrella, scarf, photos, perfume, make-up bag, toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss and an apple.

 Catwalk Collection Tote Bag - Caz - £89.95 (RRP £115)

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