Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Grey, Silver & Metallic Leather Handbags to Love!

Handbags with plenty of metal continue to inspire us. What’s not to admire about the Chill Metal 69 bag by artist Judy Blame which is an anarchic vision of Paco Rabanne’s original 1969 design? The chainmail purse, made famous by Brigitte Bardot, is festooned with precious metal shrapnel for a punky twist. Pacorabanne.com.

Catwalk Collection Handbags have also got fashionably arty with the Gallery bag, combining a glamourous silver metallic finish with stylish soft dark grey nappa leather. The cat logo bag charm and shiny silver fittings add an attractive and exciting vitality. Catwalkcollectionhandbags.co.uk.

Ardent fans will adore the Chancery Padlock bag which mixes soft antique leather with heavy metal brass padlock and key. Most handbag makers will only ever put silver fittings against grey coloured leather but the trend-setters at Catwalk Collection demonstrate that with the right tones, it can look provocatively stylish. Catwalkcollectionhandbags.co.uk.

Chunky metal roller buckles, as seen on the Gigi Othello handbag, make an impressive feature, as does the metal ring centrepiece on the Gigi Othello Shoulder bag. Antique brass is greatly valued for fashion handbags, exuding a vintage quality that is second to none. realhandbagshop.co.uk/Gigi

Metal studs add the perfect finishing touch to Catwalk Collection’s Carnaby Street bag. There’s more than enough metal to gratify the senses without going over the top. Catwalkcollectionhandbags.co.uk.

The more creative amongst you may wish to use a plain handbag as a blank canvas and add bag charms to design an individual metallic masterpiece of your own.  The Gigi Othello Small Cross-Body bag or Catwalk Collection’s Mia bag would make great candidates. Realhandbagshop.co.uk


  1. Grey bags are hot. Love the color and the look.

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