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What Makes A Good Handbag Really Great?

We asked a few ladies what separates a good handbag from a really great handbag and here is what you said.

Many women sited colour as being their number one priority for choosing a handbag with Black being the most popular as it’s a colour that goes with any outfit and can be used for many different occasions. If the budget is tight and you can only afford one handbag then it has to be black. For those who like to stand out and are not afraid of colour, the brighter and more eye-catching the better.  Matching bags and shoes are a fashion faux-pas.

High quality is next on the list of basic requirements. Words such as durable and long lasting were bandied about with craftsmanship. One lady intimated that she needed her handbag to stand up to lots of abuse. Most women agreed that leather was a hardier and more beautiful looking material for handbags than PU or fabric.

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As quality is generally linked to budget, it was agreed that in reality you should buy the most expensive handbag you can afford. However, if you saw a handbag to die for, then by hook or by crook, you’d find the money to buy it whatever the cost.

Yes, size does matter! Many women want a large handbag with a roomy interior as they need to carry lots of items. This goes hand in hand with bags which open wide for easy access. Equally, lots of women want small, neat bags that look cute and are not cumbersome or heavy to carry.

A number of women cited pockets as being the most important factor. Handbags with great organisational features such as interior side zip pockets, pen holders, sections for credit/store cards and i-Phone holders were most prized. Outside pockets also increased a handbag’s attractiveness as they are useful for storing keys and items you want quick access to.

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A lot of women like their handbag to fasten with a zip. If the handbag is accidentally dropped, embarrassing contents don’t fall out. Plus, there is an additional feeling of security when out and about in cities or on local transport where pick pockets might be ready to take advantage.

This also featured quite highly on the list of requirements. Women wanted their handbag to be noticed and admired. A stylish handbag with a fashionable design is viewed as a status symbol. The perfect handbag is one that can be lovingly gazed at time and time again, giving you that warm happy feeling.

Following on from Creativity, handbags made to showcase fashionable designer effects are high on the list of desirability. Distressed leather, washed leather, metallic, slouchy and crunch leather feature highly in the most wanted lists; anything that is not plain and boring but with plenty of detail.

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Timeless Classics.
A high proportion of women wanted their bags to be classically timeless. If they found a bag they adored, they wanted it to last forever. If they had to change their handbag due to wear and tear, then they wanted it to be exactly the same as the previous one they had owned.

Bag Charms.
Ladies love dangly bits. Big themes include animals, hearts, letters and gems. Fashion plays a big part in choice, too; shiny gold and silver for those who love bling; feathers and beads for a touch of boho; dark and mysterious for gothic; vintage or antique for the preppy look.

Much the same as for bag charms, personal preference is the overall decider as to whether to opt for gold, silver or antique metal fittings on handbags. Interestingly, it also depends on what colour jewellery you normally wear.
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Interior fabric was another important factor in the perfect handbag but for many differing reasons. Light coloured fabrics are revered as you can find contents more easily. However, as many women said they preferred dark coloured fabrics as they hide stains from leaky pens and perfumes. Signature linings where the maker’s brand name is imprinted into the weave are seen as the most elegant. Patterned linings or stripes are playful and fun-loving.

Long cross-body straps or shoulder straps that can be adjusted to fit for personal sizing would be a nice option

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