Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Leather Handbags for everyday use

The Real Handbag Shop Team is often asked what constitutes a great handbag for daytime use. Naturally, this largely depends on your own personal lifestyle and what you like to carry round on a daily basis but it’s interesting to note what Dannii Minogue says in her book ‘My Style’ (published by Simon & Schuster) on the subject of her own handbags for daytime use: ‘I like a decent-sized bag so that I can throw everything in it. I joke that my handbag is a mini wardrobe. I choose bags with at least one zip pocket inside them where I can keep the things that I can’t afford to lose – my keys, phone and lip balm.’

If your old handbag is looking a bit dilapidated and you’re looking for a new one or you’ve simply outgrown the last handbag and need to upgrade, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect new handbag for everyday use.

Firstly empty out the contents of your existing handbag and lay them out on the table; get rid of any objects superfluous to use and add anything you can’t live without. This will give you a good idea of the size required. Ideally, you don’t want a handbag which is too big or the contents will be swimming around, nor do you want an over-packed small bag bursting at the seams.

Handbags with myriad pockets can be handy to keep all your items in a fixed location from where they can be retrieved quickly and easily. Catwalk Collection makes a number of Organiser Bags in every conceivable size and colour but for everyday use we can highly recommend their Big Bellstone Tote Bag at £69.95 (photo left). Each bag is made from Vegetable Tanned Crunch Leather and comes in the most gorgeous colours of jet black, dark brown, navy blue, red and green. If this isn’t quite big enough, The Kensington Tote Bag at £74.95 gives you that extra space.

If you want an elegant luxury handbag which looks and feels expensive you can’t go far wrong with one made from Italian Leather. Again, there are plenty of styles to choose from but if we had to pick just one, it would have to be the Mock CrocA4 Tote Bag by Gianni Conti at £149.95. This is a ladylike bag and absolutely fabulous leather which is so heavenly it almost makes you go weak at the knees.

If you don’t want a heavy leather handbag, look for lightweight leathers or handbags with few or no metal fittings. The Gigi Collection of handbags is made from high quality leather which is soft and comfortable and won’t weigh you down. We love their Organiser Shoulder Bag at £64.95 which comes in soft Antique Leathers; check out delicious cream, honey, red, dark navy blue, dark brown and jet black.

If keeping the contents of your handbag safe and secure whilst out-and-about is a priority, look for handbags which fasten with a zip. Kipling’s Charu Bag at £109.95 is an excellent choice; this is a spacious shoulder bag made from fashionable Vintage Leather with zips all round. We give this one 10/10 for Street Cred!

Bucket Bags tend to have one large compartment which is great for throwing everything in and remains a popular choice for everyday bags. If you like to be on the receiving end of seriously admiring glances opt for either Alex by CatwalkCollection at £79.95 or Caz at £84.95

All these leather handbags and more can be found at realhandbagshop.co.uk

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