Friday, 25 November 2011

The Accessories Gift Guide for Men! What Women Want!

Yes, we all want to give surprise presents which are an instant hit with the recipient. In our mind’s eye we rehearse their faces lighting up with joy when the wrapping is removed to reveal a gift just perfect for them. After all, a well thought out present will delight and there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing a genuine smile in return. 

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So how do we get the right gift? Just take your time, maybe sit down with a cup of coffee and focus on the person you want to buy for. It may be handy to write a list of attributes associated with that person. What music do they like? Do they have hobbies or play sport? What job do they do? So, for example, the intended recipient may be femail with blond hair and green eyes. She loves cooking but already has a whole library of cook books. She loves dressing up and going out on shopping expeditions with her friends. Her clothes are mainly mixes of blue. She wears silver based jewellery.

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Next you need to plan your budget and decide how much you want to spend. It’s not always the biggest gift that is the best, sometimes it’s those little gifts that mean the most. For the femail who loves going out shopping a new handbag or stylish purse is a clever idea. A dark navy blue handbag would look absolutely fabulous with blue clothes and one with silver fittings would complement her jewellery. A purse can be any colour as it mainly stays out of sight but if she has green eyes, the chances are she’d love a green one. Most ladies will prefer leather over PU or plastic as not only is leather perceived to be of greater value, it looks better, feels nicer to handle and will last longer, too.

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