Saturday, 1 October 2011

In celebration of the name Jane, some famous ladies and a leather handbag!

The name Jane is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin and translates as meaning ‘God is Gracious’.

Some Famous Janes

Jane Birkin, Actress and Singer (photo)
Jane Seymour, 3rd wife of Henry VIII
Jane Asher, Actress
Jane Austen, Author
Jane Russell, Actress
Jane Fonda, Actress
Jane Seymour, Actress
Jane McDonald, Singer
Jane’s Addiction, Alternative Rock Band
Jane Krawowski, Actress and Singer
Jane Horrocks, Actress

 Famous Songs About Jane

 Lady Jane, The Rolling Stones 1966 (photo)
Sweet Jane, Lou Reed 1970
Chantilly Jane, Didi Zill 1977
Baby Jane, Rod Stewart 1983
Plain Jane, Sammy Hagar 1992
Oh Jane, Vanity Fair 1999

Famous Paintings of Jane

Jane Avril, Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec  1899 (photo)
The Execution of Lady Jane Grey, Paul Delaroche 1833
Jane Burden as La Belle Iseult, William Morris

Well Known Characters called Jane

 Jane Eyre, novel by Charlotte Brontë 1847
Jane, Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer 2005
Jane Porter, Tarzan’s wife
Jane Gay, Daily Mirror Comic Strip during the 2nd WW
Calamity Jane, Wild West Film 1953
G.I. Jane, Action Film 1997

A Leather Handbag called Jane

 Jane by Catwalk Collection Handbags £55 (photo)

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