Monday, 23 May 2011

Leather Bags for Laptops and iPads

If you're wondering what to carry your laptop or iPad in just take a look at the Hunter leather bag collection from Visconti. These handsome bags are made from strong, thick leather with a superb smooth oiled finish. Already available in black and brown, Visconti has developed entirely new Hunter leather in a wicked tan colour.

The bags come in a huge choice of shapes and sizes so no matter how big your laptop or how small your iPad, there is always a leather Visconti Hunter bag to suit. Just whip out your tape measure and check the size of your laptop or iPad against the measurements given on The Real Handbag Shop website.

Although these Visconti bags have a hard structure suitable for carrying the latest gadgets, the surface of the Hunter leather is so incredibly soft that it will pick up scratches and marks on its journey; these marks will blend over the lifetime of the bag adding depth and character.

Prices start from just £42. See dark and sultry Hunter leather bags with plenty of attitude at The Real Handbag Shop online website.

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