Monday, 23 May 2011

Leather Bags for Laptops and iPads

If you're wondering what to carry your laptop or iPad in just take a look at the Hunter leather bag collection from Visconti. These handsome bags are made from strong, thick leather with a superb smooth oiled finish. Already available in black and brown, Visconti has developed entirely new Hunter leather in a wicked tan colour.

The bags come in a huge choice of shapes and sizes so no matter how big your laptop or how small your iPad, there is always a leather Visconti Hunter bag to suit. Just whip out your tape measure and check the size of your laptop or iPad against the measurements given on The Real Handbag Shop website.

Although these Visconti bags have a hard structure suitable for carrying the latest gadgets, the surface of the Hunter leather is so incredibly soft that it will pick up scratches and marks on its journey; these marks will blend over the lifetime of the bag adding depth and character.

Prices start from just £42. See dark and sultry Hunter leather bags with plenty of attitude at The Real Handbag Shop online website.

Monday, 16 May 2011


Catwalk Collection leather handbags with the adorable trinket Cat Logo Bag Charm are on most women’s wish lists. Their strap line says ‘If you love leather, you’ll love Catwalk Collection Handbags!’ and it’s perfectly true; designs are created for every mood using the most sensual leathers in a range of colours and textures that look, feel and smell absolutely gorgeous.

 Catwalk Collection Jodie Messenger Bag £34.95 Purse £15.95

Unlike most handbag manufacturers that launch entirely new ranges each season, Catwalk Collection is happy to repeat the most popular designs, adding new colours to existing styles when fashion dictates. The Jodie messenger cross-body bag and matching purse is one such design; made from soft washed leather, the original bag came only in tan with dark brown trim as a nod towards the trend for bohemian fashion. However, enthused by the initial response, subsequent productions from the Catwalk Collection Handbags design team have seen the introduction of a vast range of fashionable colour combinations: black with ivory to compliment the trend for monochrome fashion, green with brown for all things military inspired, cream with brown for the neutral effect, blue with cream to blend in with the trend for denim and red with tan to emulate the autumn colours. We’re told that additions to this year’s collection will see colours to reflect the trend for Festival Fever but as this is top secret information, we’ll just have to wait patiently for the new release around mid-summer.

 Catwalk Collection Big Shoulder Bag - Alex -£79.95

Another popular design which was only released late last year and sold out almost immediately, is the Alex shoulder bag made from beautiful drum dyed buff leather. If you blinked, you may have missed it. Originally this style was launched in just two colours; black and green but will reappear later this year with three new fashion colours added in dark red, dark brown and dark tan.

 Catwalk Collection Shoulder/Cross-Body Bag - Kate - £79.95

And, if you missed out on the much coveted Kate handbag with cross-body strap, you’ll be pleased to hear that this design is also being repeated. Colours for 2011 will include black, red and tan. What makes this handbag so delectable is the soft shrunken leather which gives the surface a unique crinkly texture.

Catwalk Collection is our best selling range of fashion led, leather handbags so it’s advisable to grab your favourite right now before they sell out (again)

Monday, 9 May 2011


Treat yourself or a loved one to luxurious leather accessories from Gianni Conti which are made to last a lifetime. Men’s business briefcases, messenger bags, laptop bags, portfolio bags, attaché cases and wallets are made from sumptuous leather. Each magnificent product comes lovingly packed and boxed with Gianni Conti’s signature logo. 

Designs from the latest Gianni Conti Collection retain all the classic charm that demonstrates typical Italian panache. From the first stitch to the final finishing touch, the care and attention lavished on each individual product is apparent in the high quality workmanship. Just opening the box and breathing in the heady aroma of top class leather will send your senses soaring.

If you need to dress to impress, the smart, traditional styles of Gianni Conti work bags will add that certain savoir-faire to your business suit. If you want a taste of what Gianni Conti has to offer, leather wallets are available from just £45. Once you’ve experienced the quality of a Gianni Conti product, you’re bound to be back for more.

To view the Gianni Conti Collection of handsome quality accessories for men and to order online, visit

Monday, 2 May 2011

Fetish for Pink Leather Handbags!

I don’t know what it is about pink but there’s a certain appeal that resides in every woman. Ask a small child what her favourite colours are and more often than not you’ll get the answers red and pink. As you grow older your tastes change and you find yourself avoiding the ‘childish’ colours you once loved. Then at some point in your journey through adult life, you see pink in a completely different light and it totally blows you away. It could be a blouse or a pair of new shoes, it could be a gorgeous leather handbag or even something as simple as a trendy new lipstick.

Toni & Guy have fabulously applied pink to hair. Written out in plain words the mind conjures up images of old ladies with pink rinses but in pictures, it paints an entirely different image altogether. This is one super cool look, using a pastel spectrum of candyfloss pink over vanilla sky blonde which is fresh, fashionable and bang on trend.

Just as you wouldn’t automatically select pink for your own hairstyle without having seen how stunning it can look, you probably wouldn’t actively go looking for a pink handbag but sometimes, you merely catch a glimpse of a heavenly one in the most perfect shade and it simply captures your heart.

Working with this season’s wardrobe, your handbag can clash or blend-in, depending on how much of a statement you want to make. Ultimately your handbag is like any accessory; reflective of your personality and completing your whole image.

Famous ladies who love pink handbags:


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