Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Queen sports Military Fashion with White Leather Handbag

All eyes will be on Prince William’s bride Kate Middleton when they marry on the 29th April this year but we can’t wait to see what the Queen will be wearing. On her recent trip to Oman, the Queen wore a stunning gold-braided military-style jacket in turquoise demonstrating a shrewd fashion sense. The crisp, clean white leather handbag complemented the Queen’s outfit to perfection as the gold fittings matched the gold braiding beautifully.

If you fancy re-creating a similar summery look, whilst military jackets are plentiful, coming across light coloured handbags with gold fittings is somewhat trickier. Smith & Canova make a gorgeously large off-white leather handbag called Venice at £119.95 or Ri2k have a splendid design in cream coloured leather called Rose at £74.95. Both are available from realhandbagshop.co.uk

Friday, 15 April 2011

Easter Fashion: Jackets and Accessories for Women

No doubt the ladies will want to look their best for the Easter break but the British weather can still be temperamental at this time of year which makes it difficult to choose a suitable outfit. It’s therefore prudent to opt for layers which you can peel off if the weather heats up, topping your outfit with one of the latest jackets shrugged over the shoulders.

 3.1 Phillip Lim Shrugged Jacket

Signature jackets are currently the ‘in thing’; go prim and proper with a neatly fitted jacket or flaunt it with a swing jacket. The advantage of these designs is that they will come in useful for the wedding season over the summer months. In times of recession, one carefully chosen jacket can go a long way.

 Kate Middleton wears Issa Jackets

The tiny biker jacket can look sizzling hot over a block colour dress or uber-cool over a floral, fruity or hippy style maxi. Alternatively, if the relaxed, casual approach is more to your taste try a spot of boyfriend tailoring where women can look incredibly sexy in masculine shirts and jackets.

Boyfriend Jacket £45 laredoute.co.uk

The military fashion trend continues with no sign of abating. Originally inspired by the flamboyant costumes of the 18th and 19th centuries it has evolved to become more utilitarian with a touch of functionality. There are a number of different looks you can create using the military trend from rock chic to edgy-feminine to 70s bohemian.

 Military Jacket £49 laredoute.co.uk
Messenger Cross-Body Bag £65 realhandbagshop.co.uk

Jewellery: multiple bangles or bracelets and diamonds.
Shoes: court shoes with sculptured heels, wedges, bar strap Mary Janes, block heels and leather lace shoes.
Handbags: block and multi-colour leather, handbags with tassels, handbags with distinctive band trims or edgings that add pizzazz.

 Milan Handbag £50 catwalkcollectionhandbags.co.uk

Monday, 11 April 2011

Leather Cross-Body Bags - the most popular handbag of the season!

As handbag design goes, cross-body bags have never been more popular and it’s easy to see why. These versatile bags can be worn comfortably across the body leaving hands free for other duties such as dog walking, shopping or holding onto excitable children. They also come into their own at airports where you might have a suitcase in tow.

If you’ve ever dropped your handbag and all the embarrassing contents have fallen out, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to carry a cross-body bag without having to worry that it might slip off your shoulder or escape your grasp. It’s also less likely that you’ll put your handbag down and lose it. Another distinct advantage is that carrying your bag so close to your body deters any pickpockets; in fact some of the slim fitting cross-body bags can be worn beneath your coat and hidden away discretely.

Brand new for Summer 2011, see the latest colourful collection of Marta Ponti leather cross-body bags at realhandbagshop.co.uk

Fashionable cross-body bags are also great for night-clubbing and going to discos as they eliminate the need for putting your handbag on the floor and dancing round it. A well chosen, neat cross-body bag can look really cool with party gear.

If you need a bag for the workplace, there are cross-body bags and messenger bags which can carry laptops and iPads. In today’s market, cross-body bags come in all shapes and sizes to suit.

 Our handbags are an expression of who we are and what we feel at any given moment in time. More than just being functional hold-alls, the style of handbag that we choose to wear is an expression of our own personality. Therefore, it’s refreshing to see so many gorgeous designs in so many different colours and cross-body bags look equally great with jeans, shorts or dresses.

Catwalk Collection Courier Bag £69.95

So next time you have to run for a bus or jump down the escalators two steps at a time to catch the last train, you might want to consider the advantages of owning cross-body bag.

Celebrities who wear cross-body bags:
Christina Ricci
Lindsay Lohan
Reece Witherspoon
Sienna Miller
Rachel Bilson
Kate Moss
Katie Holmes
Cameron Diaz
Mischa Barton
Blake Lively - as shown in the photo

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Luscious leather handbags by Ashwood Lady

When the Ashwood factory had some leather left over from making their beautiful leather coats and jackets, it seemed a pity to waste such exquisite leather and so the designers got their heads together and created a few ladies handbags to use up the spare pieces. So popular were these delightful leather handbags that eventually extra leather was brought in to make even more handbags and Ashwood Lady was born. The leather is always top quality and the styling is always classic with space built in for the latest gadgets and modern technology that women of today wish to carry around. Each season the very latest fashion colours are launched in a limited collection of handbags by Ashwood Lady.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Gigi Leather Handbags & Keyrings

Welcome to the Gigi collection of leather handbags. This season brings you the best Gigi shapes in new, exciting colours including the innovative Othello, Sicily and Hamlet styles.


Watch out for the new Gigi leather heart shaped keyrings on selected styles, exclusive to The Real Handbag Shop!

Shown from top
Othello Small Cross-Body Bag £29.95
Othello Cross-Body Flap-Over Bag £49.95
Othello Fashion Shoulder Bag £54.95
Othello Organiser Shoulder Bag £64.95