Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Real Handbag Shop Dust Covers for the storage of Bags and Handbags

Many of our customers will have noticed that when they buy a bag or handbag from The Real Handbag Shop website, the item comes packed in a Real Handbag Shop Dust Cover. As well as being very handy to store bags and handbags, they are also reassuringly environmentally friendly.

The Real Handbag Shop is a company which actually does care about the environment. We endeavour to do our bit for the planet wherever possible and if we are taking a step in the right direction in packing your order with less plastic and more eco-friendly materials, then we will happily do so, even if it costs just that little bit more. Any cellophane we use is a cellulose product made from the farming of trees specifically grown for the purpose. Even our cardboard packing boxes are 100% recyclable and contain some recycled content.

The Real Handbag Shop Dust Covers are made from 100% recyclable NWPP –non woven polypropylene. These dust covers are manufactured in China, in an ethical factory, selected specifically for its production methods and regularly inspected. The factory is a co-operative and doesn’t employ anyone under age 16. In order to be as environmental as possible, the dust covers are shipped to the UK.

The Real Handbag Shop Dust Covers come in one size and are large enough to fit most bags and handbags including sizes up to A4 Messenger Bags. When you need to store a precious bag or handbag which is not currently in use, simply place inside the dust cover and pull the drawstring to close. It is recommended that you place the stored bag or handbag upright on a shelf in your wardrobe and stuffed with acid-free paper to keep its shape. This then keeps the dust, bugs and sunlight away whilst allowing the handbag to ‘breathe’; essential to prolong the life of leather products which can sweat and deteriorate if kept in plastic bags.

To get your free The Real Handbag Shop Dust Cover, simply order a bag or handbag from the website The Real Handbag Shop Dust Covers are not available for general sale and are not available from any other website or online outlet.

Disclaimer: Please note that the eco-friendly products mentioned above are those used in the packing and dispatching of orders by our own warehouse and we cannot vouch for the materials used by bag and handbag manufacturers whose products we sell.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Apart from eating healthily and looking after your skin and hair, selecting the right clothes and accessories can go a long way to creating a cool, casual look when you’re tummy begins to take over your life. Some ladies seem to be able to achieve this somewhat refined look effortlessly, while the rest of us struggle hopelessly with the concept.

The trick is not to think too long and hard about it. Just go back to basics, add the right accessories and then wear confidently. You can look extremely elegant in a plain black maxi dress, colourful cardigan and flat pumps, for example, which is simply pared down style that is both fashionable yet comfortable. Fluid fabrics can be sharpened up with a neat coat or jacket to achieve a wonderfully stylish look. It goes without saying that you should avoid any type of clothing that makes you look off balance such as flared Fifties skirts or high dominatrix heels.

Black Maxi Dress Forever21,  Flared Denim Jeans by M2b, Pink Cardigan by Phase Eight, Striped Bolero by Top Shop, Lacey Blouse by New Look, Pumps by Schuh, Leather Baby Bag by Catwalk Collection Handbags.

Use accessories to add your own unique personality; pearls over a shift dress will look effortlessly classy, whilst plenty of buckles and studs on handbags and shoes will give that urban rock and luxe vibe. Key fashion trends for this year include romantic layers of lace and over-sized military tassels. If you loved them first time round, you’ll love them again; those bell bottoms and flared jeans are back again. If you want to look smart and sophisticated, try nautical or black and white stripes. And yes, this year you can mix stripes and florals for a feminine and non conformist look; think modern hippy!

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