Tuesday, 14 December 2010

December Birthday Gift Ideas - Twin Sets

When you need to buy gifts for someone who has a birthday so near to Christmas, it can be quite a challenge having to think about not just one present but two. Even if the birthday is on the 25th December, you still want to acknowledge that you’ve remembered both occasions and give a gift for each. Therefore it makes perfect sense to get twin presents which match such as a handbag and purse. Here are our suggestions for the perfect twin sets along with some December birthday facts to help you choose the perfect gifts.

December Birthday Facts
Birthstone: Turquoise, Blue Topaz
Flower: Narcissus
Star Sign: Sagittarius (the archer) November 22 to December 21
Star Sign: Capricorn (the goat) December 22 to January 19

Famous Celebrities Born in December
Alyssa Milano Actress b. December 19, 1972
Bette Midler Actress b. December 1, 1945
Donny Osmond Pop Star b. December 9, 1957
Edith Piaf French Singer b. December 19, 1915
Ozzy Osbourne Rock Star b. December 3, 1948
Richard Hammond TV Presenter b. December 19, 1969
Woody Allen Actor b. December 1, 1935
Monica Selles Tennis Player b. December 2, 1973
Jim Morrison Rock Star b. December 8, 1943
Jane Austin Author b. December 16, 1775

                        Visconti Oil Brown Messenger Bag 18548 £58.45 and Wallet £15.49

Mid- December
Poem by Gerald England

A full moon shines
over the morning frost;
the lanes are full of late-fallen leaves;
walking across the mulch
is almost as tricky
as treading over ice.

In town the carol-singers are in
crowding the shopping-mall,
while a group of muffled musicians
play by the outside market.

This year but two robins
on the early Christmas cards;
the squirrel still runs along the fence
skirting our newly-erected shed.

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