Friday, 5 November 2010

Can a Leather Handbag be Better Than Sex?

Here’s an interesting question. Can buying or receiving a gorgeous new leather handbag be better than sex? This was the topic of discussion amongst the girls in our office recently and it threw up some amusing revelations, not all of which, I might add, are printable! At the risk of sounding like the character Carrie Bradshaw from TVs ‘Sex And The City’, and actually, I bet she’d have plenty to say on the subject, I’ll elaborate further.

When you think about it, leather in itself is a very sexy product. If you’ve ever seen a hunky guy in a leather jacket or a pretty girl wearing leather trousers that look like they’ve been painted on, then you’ll know what I mean. Leather handbags and shoes have that same ‘WOW’ factor; the style, the shape, the feel, that wonderful heady leather aroma. It ignites most of the senses simultaneously.

It was no surprise, therefore, to find that one of our customers had penned the ultimate tribute to her new leather handbag as: "Meg Ryan moment!! Need I say more! Really fast delivery - many thanks!!" This simple, yet ingenious comment by Louise, U.K. refers to a particular scene in the film ‘When Harry Met Sally’, as Sally (Meg Ryan) vividly but still fully clothed, fakes an orgasm in the middle of a restaurant packed with diners in order to prove a point. It’s a heart-felt comment which relays perfectly the intense passion that a brand new leather handbag can generate. And I have to agree that there is a certain thrill and spine-tingling excitement when unwrapping layers of paper and tissue to behold the most sensational leather handbag, proving beyond a doubt that brand new leather handbags are truly orgasmic.

It’s not only great-looking leather handbags which bring out such fervent feelings in women; apparently expensive cars can have the same effect, too. Check out the video on You Tube created by Bandito Brothers entitled ‘BMW M3 Better Than Sex’ whereby the actress in the video gives Meg Ryan a run for her money!

Joking aside, whilst a beautiful leather handbag can never truly replace the man of your dreams, it sure can put you in the mood for love!

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