Thursday, 14 October 2010

Preppy Fashion & Leather Accessories for Men

The preppy look for men has never been more popular at the moment; city gentlemen are embracing Ivy League style big time and not only is it an easy look to achieve but it looks effortlessly classy. If you want to create the ‘successful debonair university graduate makes good’ look for yourself firstly, get into the mind set then go shopping. Think Yale, Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge for the ultimate in campus fashion statements. You can keep the preppy look sleek and smart, or dishevelled and roguish, to suit your own personality.

Clockwise from left: Vintage Leather Messenger Bag by Visconti; Tennis Sweater by Tommy Hilfiger; Sports Blazer with Scarf by Brooks Brothers; Rugby Shirt by Ralph Lauren; Dark Blue Jeans by Brooks Brothers.

We recommend you start with something simple. Relaxed blue jeans can be worn with crisp white shirt and diagonally striped tie, overlaid with a cardigan, preferably in block colours to bring the preppy look bang up to date for this season. Pieces that are inspired by the academy such as chunky white tennis jumpers make good choices as do toggle coats worn over blazers. Another preppy inspired look is the oversized baseball-style jacket paired with roomy double breasted sports coat. It’s all about adding layers.

Take our word for it; girls can’t resist a guy in a rugby shirt. Once the shorts are swapped for a cool pair of denims, the rugby shirt becomes a little bit naughty and somewhat playful. And once you’ve got the hang of it, you can be even more daring. For a touch of anti-establishment, dark blazers with patch pockets and brass buttons over light coloured jeans can bring out the rebel in anyone.

Accessorise with cable knit scarves, leather brogues, ribbon belts and vintage leather messenger bags.

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