Friday, 27 August 2010

Hunter Leather Messenger Bags: Visconti Mud Brown v Visconti Oil Brown

What is the colour difference between a Visconti Mud Brown Messenger Bag and a Visconti Oil Brown Messenger Bag? This is the question on everybody’s lips at the moment and it’s causing much angst and frustration not to mention confusion amongst life-long fans of Visconti products. Those who have already bought a Visconti Mud Brown Messenger Bag in the past and have loved it are searching for the same coloured Hunter leather again in a matching briefcase, laptop bag or wallet. To their utter dismay, they are finding similar products but in a seemingly different colour called Oil Brown. So what happened to Mud Brown? Why would such a popular colour be assigned to the trash can and where can you buy Mud Brown Bags now?

Visconti 18797 Mud Brown v Visconti 18797 Oil Brown
Spot The Difference!

There is actually no difference what-so-ever between a Visconti Mud Brown Bag and a Visconti Oil Brown Bag; it is exactly the same Hunter leather in exactly the same colour. Just the name has been changed. We asked Visconti what had prompted such a confusing name change. A spokesman for Visconti told us that as there was a new company trading under the brand name MUDD selling similar leather products, they had taken the decision to remove the name Mud Brown from their own collection as they did not want people to associate superior quality Visconti Hunter leather products with any other company. I can understand what they mean. A lot of manufacturers have tried to copy the Visconti look and feel of Hunter leather to cash in on their success but somehow, the leather is just not as wholesome as the original. If it ain’t got the Visconti label on, it’s just ain’t cricket!

Little did Visconti know what terrible consequences this name change would have on retailers as well as customers. For those retailers selling online and using fulfilment services, the name change has created hours of extra work changing online adverts and implementing software upgrades to enable the distribution warehouses to cope. The changeover from old stock to new stock means that there is still a mix of Mud Brown and Oil Brown products on the market at the same time, which continues to fuel the confusion.

So the good news is that Visconti Mud Brown is still available but under the new name of Oil Brown. Further news hot off the press indicates that Visconti are updating the interiors of all new Hunter leather messenger bags and future Mobile Phone pockets will be made larger to be able to hold the latest smart phones such as the blackberry, i-phones and other devices. There are also to be changes to some of the hardware and we will keep you notified of progress as it happens.

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