Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Duffel Bag; this year’s most wanted leather handbag!

Bucket bags, duffel bags and drawstring bags are this year’s most wanted leather handbags and it’s easy to see why. Paraded up and down just about every catwalk from Milan to Melbourne, these adorable duffel bags come in a whole range of designs to fit the fashion trend of your dreams. Whip-stitching brings a flavour of the country and western style whilst slashed and slouchy gives an urban twist. Shiny metal zips and menacing studs take on a military appeal.

Current duffel bags are light and bright for a summery sensation. Watch out especially for white, nude and pastel colours. We love Ri2k’s Large Lilly Drawstring Tote which comes in Catkin, a fabulous summery shade of yellow at just £129.95 (RRP £165) or Ri2k’s Large Jerri Drawstring Tote in Teal Green at just £149.95 (RRP £165) which is great for summer holidays as you can stash all your everyday stuff in it and still have room to spare! For a sporty or nautical look, we recommend Manzoni’s Large Tote Bag in Red or White at £79.95 (RRP £140). Also worth a special mention is Marta Ponti's Drawstring Tote Bag in smart monochrome colours White with Black trim at just £114.95 (RRP £230).

All these bags are currently available online at

As the season’s change, expect colours to take on a darker hue. Dark greys and jet blacks will take a steer towards gothic fairytale. We predict that size will decrease as the duffel bag is taken onto the dancefloor for the party season. Photo: Attire Magazine.

Monday, 19 April 2010

How to Clean Leather Bags and Handbags

Leather bags and handbags will last a long time if looked after and nurtured. Cleaning is an essential part of caring for your leather products. It not only removes dirt and oils (which can, over time, break down the leathers protective coating) but will also help to maintain the moisture balance in the leather and keeps the leather supple. However, as leather now comes in a variety of fashion effects such as Polished, Distressed, Washed, Cracked, Antiqued, Matte, Crushed and Crinkly it’s difficult to know the best way to care for your bag or handbag without causing irreparable damage. So here are some handy tips to help you.

Firstly, check to see if there is a care label with your leather product. Some leather products require specialist cleaning only. You can look up specialist cleaning companies on the internet or try asking your local dry cleaners if they can recommend one which deals with leather products. Suede and Nubuck leathers are best left to a specialist for cleaning although general dust and dirt can be gently and safely removed with a soft-bristled baby brush for day-to-day care.

When using a cleaning product, always test a small unnoticeable area prior to use to check for colourfastness of the leather. During the cleaning process keep a careful eye on what is coming off on your sponge and what is happening to the surface being cleaned.

For Finished Leather (Polished) use Antiquax Leather Cream which is a blend of natural lanoline and waxes. It will protect and preserve your fine leather furniture and is also ideal for use on other leather goods such as handbags, briefcases, shoes etc. The oils in Antiquax Leather Cream feed the grain keeping the fibres supple and restoring the natural oils lost due to the drying effects of central heating and exposure to sunlight. Antiquax Leather Cream is suitable for antique and modern leather. This is sold online at

For Hunter Leather (Visconti Oil Bags) use Timberland Waxed Leather Protector. This is sold in shoe shops which sell Timberland products. This easy-to-apply waterproof treatment contains oils and waxes to soften and protect oiled and waxed leathers.

For Unfinished Leathers (designer effect leather such as Washed, Cracked, Crushed and Matte may fall into this category) use a moist but not excessively wet, sponge to remove surface dirt and dust. Do not apply cleaning products containing oils as this will soak in and stain the hide. In most cases you are only able to clean dirt off the surface of leather, not out of it. Some foam cleaners may be used to give a deeper clean but check out the instructions prior to use and test a small, unnoticeable area before applying to the whole bag. It’s also best not to scrub spots or localised areas or you may end up with an unsightly colour difference.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Gianni Conti Leather Handbags, Ladies Work Bags and Purses…

For work, business or leisure Gianni Conti leather handbags, shoulder bags, work bags, briefcases, cross-body bags and purses come highly recommended. The Italian pedigree ensures beautiful styling and exceptionally high quality of workmanship. A good quality accessory has the power to upgrade any outfit.

Ladies Who Lunch…
The trick to looking like the successful and confident lady you actually are is to ensure your clothes are smartly tailored, your shoes polished, nails manicured and hair immaculately groomed. Key accessories from Gianni Conti’s new Spring/Summer 2010 luxury collection which will help accomplish the look include their new designer Cross-Body Bag available in either green or red £95.95; Organiser Bag in traditional brown £89.95; Tote Bag A4 Mock Croc in classic black, burgundy red or delicious dark brown £149.95; Purse and Gift Box in Vivace Multi-Coloured or Brown Multi-Coloured £29.95.

Ladies Who Work…
For added impetus in the office and to cut an impressive figure in the boardroom, you should complete your smart, sophisticated look with an executive styled work bag or briefcase. Leather is by far the best option as it will withstand the daily rigours of life in the workplace much better than any synthetic product. It goes without saying that you should really buy the most expensive item you can afford as quality and price go hand-in-hand. Business is mostly about selling; selling a product, selling yourself. If you don’t look successful, then how can you expect others to buy into your ideas? Gianni Conti has a bag to suit every personality; select from traditional, classic or fashion design.

See Gianni Conti Leather Handbags, Ladies Work Bags and Purses at

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Short Breaks and Weekend Bags for Men…

If you’re celebrating Spring with a short break to shake off those Winter blues you’ll need a sturdy and reliable Weekend bag to travel with. There are so many great designs at the moment that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here are some of our favourites for roving males: 

Ashwood Travel/Weekend Bag - Holdall - Chestnut Brown Leather £124.95
Just arrived, this is the brand new colour for Spring 2010. If you’re heading off for a City Break you’ll just love this fabulously large, unstructured travel bag made from oodles of soft, smooth luxurious leather. The ultimate bag for jet-setters and celebs!

Paul Smith Tangled Multistripe Weekender Bag £240.00
The latest design from Paul Smith is funky, bright and cheerful; just perfect for a romp in the British countryside. Made from a mix of canvas and leather this is designer gear at the cutting edge!

Ashwood Travel Bag - Weekend Holdall - Black Leather £124.95
Another newby just introduced this season and made from good-looking English Highbury leather which is incredibly soft, smooth leather with a fashionably slouchy accent. If you want to impress at the finest hotels, this is the one!

Hugo Boss Weekender Bag – Lavinio Black £479.00
A simple yet stylish barrel shaped weekender bag by German company Hugo Boss and available in either black or navy leather. Perfect for a City Break in Munich!

Ashwood Gladstone Bag - Weekend Holdall - Brown Leather £119.95
We’re saving the best till last; strong, high quality Westminster leather is skilfully milled to show the grain of the hide. The bag has a satisfyingly weighty feel to it and with its satin finish and stylish design it looks much more expensive than it really is; exceptionally good value for money. A real leather bag for real men!

Weekend Bags for Men
A great range of leather weekend bags, travel bags and holdalls from £119.95.