Monday, 1 February 2010

Valentine’s Day Gifts – 14th February – Girlfriends, Fiancées & Wives

Girlfriends adore little trinkets and keepsakes which become especially treasured possessions when given with love from a boyfriend or secret admirer! The True Love Key Ring is exclusively sold by The Real Handbag Shop and can double up as a Bag Charm to be displayed on a favourite handbag. They were so popular last year that we couldn’t resist having some more made for this year. The appeal of these key rings is in the myriad of beautifully coloured light reflecting beads, baubles and leaf shapes which positively shimmer as they move. Amongst the curios you’ll find the tiny figure of Cupid, the ultimate symbol of love and romance. At just £5.95 this is an inexpensive and unique little gift that’s worth its weight in gold!

For a beloved fiancée, your gift should demonstrate how much you love and respect her. A gorgeous new leather purse shouts quality but doesn’t break the bank. We have a great selection of leather purses at The Real Handbag Shop with prices from just £15.95 for the latest Catwalk Collection Jodie Purse right up to £49.95 for the vintage Kipling River Purse. Of course, it goes without saying, the more you spend on her, the more you will be appreciated for your efforts and the more beloved she will feel!

Valentine’s Day gifts for a dearly loved wife need a little bit more thought. Roses and chocolates are just too old hat and she’s probably had more than her fair share of them over the years. However, women love handbags with the added advantage that one size fits all, unlike shoes and clothes. A quick peek in her wardrobe will tell you whether she prefers a shoulder bag, a cross-body bag, a top handle bag or a clutch bag. A glance at her shoes will indicate the colours she likes. Then all you need to do is go online to visit The Real Handbag Shop and put your selection into the search box to get some really great gift ideas. And there’s no need to worry if you get it wrong as The Real Handbag Shop will accept any item back for exchange.

In the image above is a selection of black leather handbags; click on the image to enlarge. 
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