Tuesday, 19 January 2010


You have to hand it to Royal Mail and give them credit where credit due for an outstanding delivery service when under severe duress. Our valued Real Handbag Shop customers have been busy e-mailing to tell us that their mail order leather handbags and man bags have been arriving on a Sunday! I’m so impressed; this is surely service beyond the call of duty and a most admirable course of action to take. I think we all appreciate that it has been very difficult if not impossible on some days for the nation’s postmen and women to deliver parcels through the recent heavy snow falls and over treacherous ice. Now the snow is finally melting, taking the initiative to venture out on a Sunday to clear the unavoidable backlog of post is a marvelous idea and worthy of much praise. Therefore I simply have to pay tribute and say, “Well Done Royal Mail”!

“Many thanks……………It arrived Sunday - which was a welcome surprise! I didn’t even know Royal Mail did deliveries on Sunday! Kind regards, Ari, Richmond.”

“I sent an e-mail on Saturday to say that I hadn’t received my order but it arrived on Sunday! Hazel, Livingston.”

The Real Handbag Shop is still advising customers to place their orders early to allow plenty of time for parcels to be delivered.

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