Thursday, 14 January 2010

January brings the Snow but The Real Handbag Shop battles on…

January brings the snow…and more snow, in fact, snow upon snow upon snow; soft, gentle, powdery flakes floating down from the heavens above, blanketing the earth with a white mantle. And whilst the countryside and gardens resemble idyllic and peaceful, traditional winter scenes, spare a pitying though for the unfortunate traveller who feels the cruel bite of the frozen landscape.

The recent bad weather and freezing conditions have proved very challenging for the teams of staff involved with The Real Handbag Shop. The warehouse which provides e-fulfilment services and storage for The Real Handbag Shop, was brought to a near standstill with heavy snow blanketing the town and surrounding area, resulting in school closures and many businesses being unable to open. With staff members facing difficulties of actually getting in to work, contingency plans had to be introduced to transport them to and from the warehouse during the worst conditions, thereby keeping the Real Handbag Shop orders from the January sales flowing through and ensuring inbound deliveries to replenish depleted stock from after the Christmas rush.

Snowfall on roads across the U.K. along with the added dangers of fog and ice has caused chaos for our courier and delivery services. On days when couriers have not been able to get through, Royal Mail has stepped up to meet demand. Despite the unavoidable frosty weather conditions, most parcels are arriving at their intended destination with only one or two days delay. However, for those ordering birthday gifts from The Real Handbag Shop, we would advise customers to place their orders early and allow plenty of time for parcels to be delivered.

Photos:  Warrington Worldwide – The Online Daily Newspaper.

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