Tuesday, 26 January 2010

January Birthday Gift Ideas

It can be tricky if you’re looking for birthday gift ideas for somebody born in the month of January. On the downside, the stores are usually depleted after the Christmas rush and choice can be limited. On the upside, however, there are some great offers to be had in the January Sales and you can pick up some marvellous bargains for the lucky recipient.

January Birthday Facts

Birthstone: Garnet
Flower: Snowdrop
Star Sign: Capricorn (the sea goat) December 22 to January 19
Star Sign: Aquarius (the water bearer) January 20 to February 19

Famous People Born in January

Franz Schubert, Austrian composer b. January 31, 1797.
Franklin D. Roosevelt, 32nd President of the U.S. b. January 30, 1882.
Lewis Carroll, English author b. January 27. 1832.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Austrian composer b. January 27, 1756.
Robert Burns, Scottish poet b. January 25, 1759.
Edouard Manet, French painter b. January 23, 1832.
Paul Cezanne, French painter b. January 19, 1839.
Edgar Allan Poe, American author b. January 19, 1809.
James Watt, Scottish inventor b. January 19, 1736.
David Lloyd George, British prime minister b. January 17, 1863.
Benjamin Franklin, American statesman / inventor b. January 17, 1706.
Moliere, French dramatist b. January 15, 1622.
Richard M. Nixon, 37th President of the U.S. b. January 9, 1913.
Cicero, Roman statesman b. January 3, 106 B.C.

January Poem by Lord Tennyson Alfred 

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow;
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

New Year’s Resolution; the IT Bag loses weight…

It appears that as new technology advances, designs of smaller multi-purpose gadgets and smart phones are taking the place of old-fashioned, bulky Filofaxes, cumbersome mobile phones and hefty laptops. The first mobile phones on the market weighed in at around 9oz and early laptops an average 4lb 6oz. Add electronic organisers, device chargers and music players at around 6oz each to the melee and you were looking at carrying some serious weight. However, the advent of smart phones has rendered many of these older devices obsolete as they can access email, surf the internet, play music and be used as an address book and organiser and all without taking up copious amounts of space. Also, the popularity of the new iPhone, the Blackberry and the smaller MP3 player has taken a huge burden off the shoulders of the nation's ladies and done much to improve posture, to boot!

According to research by Debenhams, new technology has resulted in the average weight of a ladies handbag being reduced by up to 57% and today’s handbag weighs just 3lb 5oz compared to 7lb 11oz two years ago. The greatest percentage of weight in a woman's handbag is still made up of staples such as make-up, mirror, purse, tissues, perfumes, sanitary products, brushes, toothpaste, receipts, address books and headache pills. Books, magazines, brushes, perfume, keys, tube map, deodorants, contraceptive pills and lipsalve also feature prominently.

The High Street stores are already predicting that the new trend for lighter accessories and devices will bring about a return of more normal sized handbags rather than a repeat of the huge, over-sized IT bags to which we have become accustomed from designers such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Last year, Cheryl Cole was spotted carrying a huge Louis Vuitton handbag through LA airport but if the predictions are bang on trend, then we’ll be seeing much smaller bags on the arms of celebrities such as the one Kelly Brook currently sports. One of the main bag trendsetters, Victoria Beckham, has recently been photographed with an £80,000 silver Himalayan Birkin, which is considerably smaller than some of the cavernous bags she has been seen hauling around in the past.

So, if you’ve downsized your gadgets, which are the best handbags to buy from The Real Handbag Shop? We love...

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Tuesday, 19 January 2010


You have to hand it to Royal Mail and give them credit where credit due for an outstanding delivery service when under severe duress. Our valued Real Handbag Shop customers have been busy e-mailing to tell us that their mail order leather handbags and man bags have been arriving on a Sunday! I’m so impressed; this is surely service beyond the call of duty and a most admirable course of action to take. I think we all appreciate that it has been very difficult if not impossible on some days for the nation’s postmen and women to deliver parcels through the recent heavy snow falls and over treacherous ice. Now the snow is finally melting, taking the initiative to venture out on a Sunday to clear the unavoidable backlog of post is a marvelous idea and worthy of much praise. Therefore I simply have to pay tribute and say, “Well Done Royal Mail”!

“Many thanks……………It arrived Sunday - which was a welcome surprise! I didn’t even know Royal Mail did deliveries on Sunday! Kind regards, Ari, Richmond.”

“I sent an e-mail on Saturday to say that I hadn’t received my order but it arrived on Sunday! Hazel, Livingston.”

The Real Handbag Shop is still advising customers to place their orders early to allow plenty of time for parcels to be delivered.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

January brings the Snow but The Real Handbag Shop battles on…

January brings the snow…and more snow, in fact, snow upon snow upon snow; soft, gentle, powdery flakes floating down from the heavens above, blanketing the earth with a white mantle. And whilst the countryside and gardens resemble idyllic and peaceful, traditional winter scenes, spare a pitying though for the unfortunate traveller who feels the cruel bite of the frozen landscape.

The recent bad weather and freezing conditions have proved very challenging for the teams of staff involved with The Real Handbag Shop. The warehouse which provides e-fulfilment services and storage for The Real Handbag Shop, was brought to a near standstill with heavy snow blanketing the town and surrounding area, resulting in school closures and many businesses being unable to open. With staff members facing difficulties of actually getting in to work, contingency plans had to be introduced to transport them to and from the warehouse during the worst conditions, thereby keeping the Real Handbag Shop orders from the January sales flowing through and ensuring inbound deliveries to replenish depleted stock from after the Christmas rush.

Snowfall on roads across the U.K. along with the added dangers of fog and ice has caused chaos for our courier and delivery services. On days when couriers have not been able to get through, Royal Mail has stepped up to meet demand. Despite the unavoidable frosty weather conditions, most parcels are arriving at their intended destination with only one or two days delay. However, for those ordering birthday gifts from The Real Handbag Shop, we would advise customers to place their orders early and allow plenty of time for parcels to be delivered.

Photos:  Warrington Worldwide – The Online Daily Newspaper.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Shrewsbury Explosion affects The Real Handbag Shop…

News Report:
A blast rocked the town centre of Shrewsbury when a building next door to the Shrewsbury Hotel, on the corner of Bridge Street and Smithfield Road was completely demolished by a sudden explosion at around 1130 a.m. on Sunday, 3rd January 2010. Eye-witnesses spoke of fierce flames and thick smoke billowing from beneath piles of rubble and brick. Subsequent photographs show the remnants of the building as a shell reminiscent of wartime bombings. The building, containing flats and an empty shop, was completely obliterated. Shock waves damaged vehicles, windows and brickwork within the immediate vicinity.

It is believed that around twelve people were injured. According to reports from the Shropshire Star, Annie Davies sustained severe burns to her head, neck and chest when she was blown out of the building from the first floor. Her mother said it was a miracle the 19-year-old, who is in a stable condition after being airlifted to Birmingham’s Selly Oak Hospital, had survived. Miss Davies’ friends Sam Devine-Turner and Sarah Pearse, both 19, are also in a stable condition at Selly Oak, as is Miss Pearse’s boyfriend Scott Godbold, 23.

Kiley McDonnell, who was starring in the Peter Pan pantomime at Theatre Severn as the character Jovial Jake, was also injured and was reported to be in a serious but stable condition at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital with spinal injuries. Five other people were injured as rubble fell on the car in which they were sitting on the street outside the building and were taken to Royal Shrewsbury hospital.

Police, fire and ambulance services were highly praised for an efficient and speedy response to the emergency situation. A fire service spokesman confirmed to the press that there had been “quite a significant gas leak” and added: “Luckily, I would say, it has been a very quiet period. If this had been prior to Christmas, when the shops and the streets and the pubs were a lot busier, then it could have been a significantly worse incident.” The fire and rescue service continues to investigate what caused the explosion.

Performances were cancelled at the Theatre Severn, which is across the river from the explosion site. Shrewsbury Sixth Form College was also closed. Bridge Street, Barker Street, Welsh Bridge, Mardol, and Victoria Quay all remain closed disrupting the traffic flow in and around Shrewsbury. Halls the auctioneers and Timothys of Shrewsbury, a lighting shop in Mardol are amongst the many shops and businesses affected.

Superintendent Whitelegg said there would be continued disruption in the Frankwell area, especially near the entrance to the car park, as BT engineers worked to replace blast-damaged cables. Telephones were out of action for more than five days and affected around 3,500 properties including The Real Handbag Shop’s head office where staff resorted to using their own mobile phones in order to keep customer service operational during the January Sales.

All the staff at The Real Handbag Shop wish the victims of the Shrewsbury explosion a speedy recovery.

Monday, 4 January 2010

January Sales! Happy New Year from The Real Handbag Shop!

Why not see in the New Year with a top leather fashion handbag, a stylish leather bag for the office or a smart leather travel bag? January sales don't necessarily have to be about queuing from the crack of dawn in freezing temperatures, fighting with strangers for the last one in stock or lugging around big, weighty carrier bags; simply go shopping online to find the best bargains and discounts from the comfort of your own home and have the goods delivered effortlessly to your door. Get amazing discounts online now including up to 60% off selected top brands!

Top fashion brands are just a click away with your mouse and shopping for winter bargains online can be seriously tempting. You can find low prices and big savings on a whole range of lush leather products. Whether you’re after a ladies handbag or a leather man bag, check out our fantastic January deals.

Check out our Sale Page for a whole host of wonderful gift ideas at brilliant, bargain prices; every item on this page will be reduced to half-price or less. We believe we’ve got the hottest leather handbags online and at a fraction of the price on the high street this represents fantastic value for money. These special sale offers won’t be around for long, so grab your favourite now before they sell out! Now that’s the Real Deal from The Real Handbag Shop!

New products are arriving every week throughout January so if you can't find exactly what you want on your first visit, do come back again at a later date. Our regular customers know to check our website on a regular basis.

Gigi Organiser Shoulder Bag - Othello - Ivory Cream £64.95 Was £85.00 Save 23%

VAT went up again on the 1st January 2010 from 15% to 17.5% but The Real Handbag Shop promises not to put up any of its prices throughout January, not even on our most expensive products. In fact you’ll still find some excellent reductions in our January Sales. But hurry while stocks last!