Monday, 23 November 2009

Advantages of online shopping for Christmas gifts...

Ah, the wonders of online shopping! You are never restricted by shopping hours or location. A high street shop manned by retail staff has fixed working hours. Online stores are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You can make your purchase as and when you want it. You are not limited to a few shops. In fact you can choose to shop across borders and continents. It may surprise you to know that last Christmas Day, the 25th December 2008, actually sold 11 handbags online!
Have you ever tried hunting for a particular item at a high street shop and been disappointed? Or travelling long distances from shop to shop and yet to your dismay they do not carry your requested item? Or being barged into and shoved by crowds of desperate shoppers looking for last minute gifts before the stores close? Just think, when it comes to purchasing all those items on your Christmas list this year, what could be simpler than sitting down, calm and relaxed, at your computer screen with a glass of port and a mince pie? I know which I prefer!

What's also great is that you don't have to face pushy sales people who insist that you buy even though you have not made up your mind. Plus, you can easily compare prices of different online shops just with a click of the mouse, thereby making great savings. There's no need to visit another faraway store in person to check their prices. You also have the opportunity to go to a shoppers' online forum and check out comments and feedback by other shoppers and consumers. Some shopping sites such as,, and bring together items from many different shops all over the internet.

Online stores also tend to offer lower prices than the high street shops as they do not require staff or retail store; the savings on wages and rent can be passed to the customers.

You’ll make even more savings on the cost of transportation; the headlines of today’s newspapers say that petrol prices have risen by 26% and are set to soar past 110p per litre (that’s £5 per gallon). Some stores offer free shipping if you exceed a certain purchase amount or if you buy selected items. At you can have up to ten items delivered for just £4.95.

Manzoni Large Tote Bag - Winter White £89.95

You’ll get wider selection of brands and products, too. If you are looking for a specific type of leather handbag, it is often easier to get it online than in a high street shop. A high street shop may just offer two colours for a product while online you’ll be offered a whole range. For example, carries 259 leather handbags while River Island carries only 23 leather handbags.Nicoli Handbag - Design Silver - Colour Christmas Red £139.95

The widespread acceptance of broadband, a high data rate internet access, now makes online shopping much quicker and far cheaper than it used to be as you are no longer charged expensive telephone rates minute by minute. Broadband plans usually have fixed charges per calendar month and allow you to surf the internet for as long as you want within that time period. Broadband also makes shopping easier as the pages download in a jiffy and without causing any disruption to your normal telephone line as would happen with the old fashioned dial-up modem.

So have yourself a hassle-free Christmas and buy all your gifts online this year!

The last dates for Christmas orders to arrive on or before the 24th December 2009:
20th December for 1st Class Post
22nd December for Special Delivery

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