Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Shopping for leather handbags in Europe?

Our German, French, Belgium, Swiss and Austrian customers can now have access to the same fast and convenient online shopping experience that our U.K. customers already enjoy. As an added bonus, the current exchange rates between the Euro and the British Pound mean that European consumers are getting extra value for their money.

In September 2008 The Real Handbag Shop launched into the German speaking e-market via the Internet and became an instant hit with online shoppers. This year, just twelve months down the line we are proud to announce our launch into French e-commerce. Whilst we have always been happy to supply products from the U.K. to customers who reside abroad, we identified a need to improve delivery times and reduce postage costs for our valued German and French speaking consumers. We  therefore needed to find European distribution and warehouse solutions which could provide the equivalent levels of high service as the ones already established in the U.K.

Hubs in France and Germany allow The Real Handbag Shop to give that high standard of service to our European customers. All our leather handbags are kept safe and secure in large warehouses. When an order is placed, the team go right into action, ensuring that products reach the recipients at the right place and the right time, all expertly packaged. Customers’ e-mail enquiries are expertly dealt with in their own native language.

All our German and French websites are professionally translated by Anja Galvao at InterCultural Elements, a lovely lady to whom we are deeply indebted!

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