Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Mulberry Roxanne v Catwalk Mayfair handbag…

Now officially dubbed as an iconic fashion classic, Mulberry’s Roxanne handbag is still one of the most coveted designs around since its heyday in 2004. Amongst the rich and famous, Kate Moss is an ardent fan of Mulberry handbags and reportedly uses four favourites in rotation. However, if your knees begin to tremble when thinking about parting with the £695.00 required to buy a Mulberry Roxanne, then take a refreshing look at Catwalk Collection’s Mayfair handbag which at just £69.95 is virtually a tenth of the price yet retains all of the charm.
Mulberry Roxanne £695.00 v Catwalk Collection Mayfair £69.95

The Catwalk Collection Mayfair handbag is, without doubt, severely under priced, especially when you see that it is actually a fairly big bag made from the most amazing high quality chunky leather which simply exudes designer quality. It also comes with a detachable cross-body strap as an added bonus; something you certainly won’t get with the Mulberry Roxanne. Ask your friends to guess the price of the Catwalk Mayfair handbag when they see it on your arm and they’ll probably suggest somewhere in the region of £125 to £150 or maybe even more.

Naughty but true! On a final note, if you’re wondering whether it’s worth spending the extra money for the real thing, here’s a little gem of a comment from a consumer who broke all the rules of brand etiquette and bought a Mulberry fake, the lock of which promptly failed (quelle surprise) and was repaired free of charge by a Mulberry retailer proving that even authorised dealers can’t tell the difference!


“I cannot believe this! I have bought a "Genuine" Bayswater for £350.00 on e-bay last year and it is just like an original. In fact I had a Mulberry retailer fix the lock for me free of charge!” Sharon Butler.

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