Friday, 30 October 2009

Louis Vuitton Alma v Arcadia Onion Handbag

When The Real Handbag Team went to the Milan trade fair in Italy, we discovered some outrageously gorgeous handbags under the brand name Arcadia. With an authentic Italian pedigree, they’re the kind of bags you might expect to see on the arm of a very stylish lady who steps effortlessly out of a Ferrari with an air of nonchalance. Sporty, fashionable and classic in one breath!

The Arcadia Large Shoulder Tote in grey Italian leather at £179.95 is an exquisite piece made from high quality cow hide and expertly crafted to emulate crocodile skin, much prized amongst the most admired celebrities and famously talented actresses of our day. The polished leather has a magnificent colour combination of light grey tones and dark grey shades which accentuate the designer effect beautifully. Although a large bag, the leather is elegantly light so you’re getting all the designer quality without being weighed down. As with all Italian products, the price you pay ensures fine tailoring and a smart, professional executive finish.

Louis Vuitton Alma £1,180.00 v Arcadia Onion Handbag £139.95

If you like the idea of patterned leather but don’t fancy the mock-croc look, the Arcadia Onion Handbag in smouldering dark red patent leather at £139.95 is expertly embossed with a modern, contemporary pattern. This is crisp, silky-smooth, patent leather with a glossy finish. The deep red colour has a highly reflective shine which gives the bag a vibrant, luxurious appeal. Bearing more than a passing resemblance to Louis Vuitton’s Alma bag at £1,180.00, you’re getting all the designer quality without the designer price tag!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Chloe Paddington Bag v Catwalk Chancery Padlock Bag

The Chloe Paddington was the original ‘it-bag’ when it was launched in 2002 and still retains its undeniably sexy appeal today. Created by designer Phoebe Philo it became unreservedly the perfect bag for girls who like the worn-in, slouchy leather look. On the plus side, the thick leather and chunky metal zip pulls give the bag its feel-good factor. On the down side, even if you’ve got around £800 to buy one, there are so many authentic looking fakes around these days that sadly, no-one will believe you’ve actually got the real thing on your arm. Plus, the enormous heavy brass padlock brings the total weight of the bag to a back-breaking 3 pounds (1.3 kg) and that’s before you’ve put anything in it!

Chloe Paddington £800 v Catwalk Collection Chancery Padlock £50

The healthier, lighter option is to go for Catwalk Collection’s Chancery Padlock bag which comes with a neat, dainty working brass padlock and key. Just like the Chloe Paddington, the Catwalk Chancery Padlock bag has retained its popularity over a number of years, being reinvented with exciting new leathers and gorgeous colours each season. The current favourite is Antique Berry Red; quality nappa leather is smooth to the touch with a soft, slouchy accent whilst the antique colouring is a special effect created by marbling darker shades over lighter hues for a subtle vintage effect.

Famous Chloe Paddington bag owners include:

Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Mischa Barton, Kate Bosworth, Nicole Richie, Tori Spelling, Lindsay Lohan , Victoria Beckham and Nicky Hilton.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

How to get a free Kipling Monkey…

Buy any Kipling leather handbag from The Real Handbag Shop and get a free Kipling Monkey Key Ring worth £7.99!1. Open your Internet browser and log on to
2. Select the Kipling leather handbag you want and Add to Cart
3. Select the Kipling monkey key ring of your choice and Add to Cart
4. Go to Checkout (do not select Google checkout)
5. Complete the Shipping Information
6. Select Method of Payment
7. Continue to next Screen
8. Select preferred Postage Method
9. Continue to next Screen
10. Enter the PROMOTIONAL CODE KIP7766112 in the RED BOX.
11. The total cost, less the credit amount (£7.99) will be displayed on the last page of checkout.
12. Click on the Complete Checkout icon to confirm your order.

Please note that the promotional code cannot be used on any other website!

Your Promotional Code is valid until 30th November 2009.

Kipling Monkey Key Rings are also available to buy separately at just £7.99 each:

Catherine - Emerald Green
Greet - Dust Blue
Isabel - Pink Ruby
Marilyn - Flanel Grey
Merche - Magnetic Blue
Pattama - Escape Grey
Vannia - Berry Sweet Purple

Offer subject to availability!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Shopping for leather handbags in Europe?

Our German, French, Belgium, Swiss and Austrian customers can now have access to the same fast and convenient online shopping experience that our U.K. customers already enjoy. As an added bonus, the current exchange rates between the Euro and the British Pound mean that European consumers are getting extra value for their money.

In September 2008 The Real Handbag Shop launched into the German speaking e-market via the Internet and became an instant hit with online shoppers. This year, just twelve months down the line we are proud to announce our launch into French e-commerce. Whilst we have always been happy to supply products from the U.K. to customers who reside abroad, we identified a need to improve delivery times and reduce postage costs for our valued German and French speaking consumers. We  therefore needed to find European distribution and warehouse solutions which could provide the equivalent levels of high service as the ones already established in the U.K.

Hubs in France and Germany allow The Real Handbag Shop to give that high standard of service to our European customers. All our leather handbags are kept safe and secure in large warehouses. When an order is placed, the team go right into action, ensuring that products reach the recipients at the right place and the right time, all expertly packaged. Customers’ e-mail enquiries are expertly dealt with in their own native language.

All our German and French websites are professionally translated by Anja Galvao at InterCultural Elements, a lovely lady to whom we are deeply indebted!

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Mulberry Roxanne v Catwalk Mayfair handbag…

Now officially dubbed as an iconic fashion classic, Mulberry’s Roxanne handbag is still one of the most coveted designs around since its heyday in 2004. Amongst the rich and famous, Kate Moss is an ardent fan of Mulberry handbags and reportedly uses four favourites in rotation. However, if your knees begin to tremble when thinking about parting with the £695.00 required to buy a Mulberry Roxanne, then take a refreshing look at Catwalk Collection’s Mayfair handbag which at just £69.95 is virtually a tenth of the price yet retains all of the charm.
Mulberry Roxanne £695.00 v Catwalk Collection Mayfair £69.95

The Catwalk Collection Mayfair handbag is, without doubt, severely under priced, especially when you see that it is actually a fairly big bag made from the most amazing high quality chunky leather which simply exudes designer quality. It also comes with a detachable cross-body strap as an added bonus; something you certainly won’t get with the Mulberry Roxanne. Ask your friends to guess the price of the Catwalk Mayfair handbag when they see it on your arm and they’ll probably suggest somewhere in the region of £125 to £150 or maybe even more.

Naughty but true! On a final note, if you’re wondering whether it’s worth spending the extra money for the real thing, here’s a little gem of a comment from a consumer who broke all the rules of brand etiquette and bought a Mulberry fake, the lock of which promptly failed (quelle surprise) and was repaired free of charge by a Mulberry retailer proving that even authorised dealers can’t tell the difference!

“I cannot believe this! I have bought a "Genuine" Bayswater for £350.00 on e-bay last year and it is just like an original. In fact I had a Mulberry retailer fix the lock for me free of charge!” Sharon Butler.