Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The difference between Suede and Nubuck Leathers…

From time immemorial when Elvis asked us all not to step on his blue suede shoes to present day, both suede and nubuck leathers have been staples of the fashion industry. As popular as ever, next season’s suede boots (make sure they’re thigh high and in grey, pink, taupe or black for Autumn/Winter 2009/2010) along with the latest suede and nubuck leather designer handbags will be paraded in all the fashion magazines to lead us delightfully to temptation.

Whilst many of us are already familiar with suede leather, one or two may be wondering what exactly nubuck leather is. Well, although fairly similar, suede leather has a velvety, soft texture whereas nubuck leather is more powdery soft to the touch. Both suede and nubuck leathers are created from cow hide which has been buffed to produce a fine nap. Suede is created from the inner layers of a hide whereas nubuck is taken from the more resilient outer layer of a hide (the grain side) which is somewhat thicker and more hard-wearing.

An example of a suede leather handbag can be seen here. This is the Catwalk Collection Caprice Handbag £49.95. Top quality suede has been buffed into a fine nap to give a luxurious, velvety sensation. The base and the handles which are subject to the most wear and tear are made from tougher full grain leather so that you get the benefit of the soft suede without compromising on durability.

In comparison, the Kipling Bagel Shoulder Bag £139.95 is made with nubuck leather whereby you can just see the pattern of the grain of the leather beneath a powdery soft chalky finish. Nubuck, being a thicker, more substantial leather than suede, will also be naturally more expensive, too!

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