Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The difference between Suede and Nubuck Leathers…

From time immemorial when Elvis asked us all not to step on his blue suede shoes to present day, both suede and nubuck leathers have been staples of the fashion industry. As popular as ever, next season’s suede boots (make sure they’re thigh high and in grey, pink, taupe or black for Autumn/Winter 2009/2010) along with the latest suede and nubuck leather designer handbags will be paraded in all the fashion magazines to lead us delightfully to temptation.

Whilst many of us are already familiar with suede leather, one or two may be wondering what exactly nubuck leather is. Well, although fairly similar, suede leather has a velvety, soft texture whereas nubuck leather is more powdery soft to the touch. Both suede and nubuck leathers are created from cow hide which has been buffed to produce a fine nap. Suede is created from the inner layers of a hide whereas nubuck is taken from the more resilient outer layer of a hide (the grain side) which is somewhat thicker and more hard-wearing.

An example of a suede leather handbag can be seen here. This is the Catwalk Collection Caprice Handbag £49.95. Top quality suede has been buffed into a fine nap to give a luxurious, velvety sensation. The base and the handles which are subject to the most wear and tear are made from tougher full grain leather so that you get the benefit of the soft suede without compromising on durability.

In comparison, the Kipling Bagel Shoulder Bag £139.95 is made with nubuck leather whereby you can just see the pattern of the grain of the leather beneath a powdery soft chalky finish. Nubuck, being a thicker, more substantial leather than suede, will also be naturally more expensive, too!

 See all the latest suede and nubuck leather bags online at The Real Handbag Shop!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Great deals on Kipling Vintage Leather Handbags…

Everyone’s talking about the new Vintage Leather Collection by Kipling which is a cool collection of bags with a fashionable vibe and a rock and roll attitude for the kind of uber-chic female who does not follow but sets the next big trend. Each gorgeous heart-stopping bag is made from high quality, genuine Italian cow leather with a soft touch and a slouchy accent. The groovy snake print inner cotton lining adds character. Each Kipling Vintage Leather Handbag comes with a Metal Rock Monkey Clip.

Kipling Vintage Leather Handbags are now available in the new Autumn/Winter colours: Ink Black, Dark Brown, Dark Olive/Green and Caramel/Light Brown.

Prices start at just £99.95 for the Kipling Vintage Leather Cross-Body Bag, Narika (shown in the picture). These are selling on the official Kipling website at the recommended retail price of £139.25 so it pays to shop online at The Real Handbag Shop.

More great deals include

Kipling Vintage Leather Handbag Gade at just £129.95 v RRP £165.25.

Kipling Vintage Leather Handbag Yindi at £149.95 v RRP £174.00.

Kipling Vintage Leather Large Shoulder Bag Charu at £174.95 v RRP £191.50.

Kipling Vintage Leather Medium Shoulder Bag Emmet at £159.95 v RRP £191.50.

All these great savings mean you can put the money towards an extra treat such as the Kipling Vintage Leather Purse River which is available at £49.95 v RRP £60.75.

And if all these aren't enough to get your heart fluttering, just wait till you see the utterly gorgeous suede and nubuck leather bags coming soon!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Gone shopping for leather handbags, back soon…

Milan Bag Show, Italy 2009.

The Real Handbag Shop Team will be in Milan, Italy for one of the most renowned international trade fairs which takes place every September. We will be browsing through the very latest leather handbags and selecting only the very best for our valued customers. We will be looking for excellent quality, innovative ideas and the most captivating leathers.

Italy has long been famous for the production of leather and Milan is considered Italy’s capital of fashion. There will be around five hundred exhibitors from around the world at the exhibition centre, Mipel. Some exhibitors will be familiar such as Kipling, Arcadia, Smith & Canova and Marta Ponti whilst others will be less well known indulgences waiting to be discovered. As you can imagine, the Milan Bag Show is always a feast for the eyes.

As these new leather handbags are not destined to arrive until next Spring our buyers will be researching the predicted fashion trends and colours for the year ahead. Whether you need a large shopping bag or smart work bag, a stylish designer handbag or casual everyday bag, you can rely on The Real Handbag Shop for the perfect solution in this ever changing fashion world in which we live.

And if there’s a particular style of handbag you’d like us to bring back, why not drop us a line to let us know and we’ll pass your comments to our buyers.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Hermes Birkin Bag v Ri2k Oversized Baye Bag

If you’ve ever hankered after a Birkin bag by Hermes but don’t have at least £4000 in your back pocket nor the patience to be put on the waiting list for two to three years then you may be very interested in the latest design by Ri2k. It’s got all the classic styling but without the hefty price tag! And whilst the authentic Hermes Birkin bags are not available for sale online, the Ri2k Oversized Baye Bag is available now from The Real Handbag Shop website for an affordable £139.95. I know which I prefer!

Hermes Crocodile Birkin Bag with Diamonds £40,000 v Ri2k Leather Baye Bag £139.95

Some Hermes Birkin Bag Facts:

* The bag is named after British-born actress and singer Jane Birkin.
* It comes in a variety of leathers; one of the most expensive variations being saltwater crocodile skin.
* The Hermes Birkin bag has featured on popular television shows such as Sex and the City, Gilmore Girls, and Will & Grace.
* Victoria Beckham reportedly owns 100 Hermes Birkin bags worth around £1.5million. Her ostrich skin 'Silver Himalayan' Hermes Birkin bag with three-carat diamond is estimated to be worth £80,000 alone.

Famous Hermes Birkin bag owners include:

Carla Bruni, Liza Minnelli, Sandra Bullock, Lindsay Lohan, Oprah Winfrey, Elle MacPherson, Naomi Campbell, Debra Messing, Mariah Carey, Demi Moore, Jodie Foster, Kate Moss, Sadie Frost, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Holmes, Janet Jackson, Jade Jagger, Tina Turner, Lil'Kim & Julia Roberts.

So, if you like the Birkin style, you’re in very good company! Ri2k Oversized Baye bags come in Black, Dewberry Red or Ultraviolet Purple. See these along with the rest of the new Ri2k Autumn/Winter Collection at www.realhandbagshop.co.uk.